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Spewy Baby Lock Rss

My 4 month old spews alot and dont know why. I have changed bottles and fomula many times but nothing has helped! He never has a big spew they are all just little spits and follow troughs. He keeps down solids really well. And he wont take the formula for babies with reflux. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Jess W.A, 4mth baby

hey marcelsmums i had this writen up in the newborn feeding issues and couldnt be bothered re writing so i copied and pasted what i said to another lady hope you dont mind
i have exactly the same problem, i feed kayla s26 gold, she drinks her whole bottle with no trouble but as soon as she burps she brings up about 1 tbsp of formula then through out the day she has little spews, shes forever spewing. i went to my gp the yesturday and she said that its not reflux as its not bothering her, no tummy aches, no constant crying for no reason, the gp put it down to posseting which is a different name for vomitting. posseting is that my baby chucks up more then other babies but it is not bothering her, if it was vomitting then she would be making hurling noises and she would be upset in what was happening. she also said that if the baby wasnt thriving and growing the way they should be each month or so then you should be concerned but if they are still happy,content and growing then theres no need to worry. The gp said to sit her up right when feeding her, then burp her, change her bum but dont pull her legs up in the air try to roll her from side to side as it doesnt squash her tummy and bring up extra spew, she then told me to keep her up right for atleast 20mins either sitting in a bouncer or pram as it helps to keep the formula down in her tummy. also after the 20mins she can have tummy time but try to keep her off her back as the formula is just going to creep back up and come up again. so the advice she told me was to buy heaps of bibs and have them handy, she said her son had it till he was about 14mths. It should also die abit down when they starts solids as the food is much heavy and will stay down.

hopefully im explainging this properly and it makes sense, lol, hope this heaps but at all means if you are worried go see your gp,
good luck

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

You can add a thickener to normal formula. Maybe he won't taste it then.
But if he is still gaining weight, it is just an inconvenience, so don't worry too much smile

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

my 6 month old has always been like this
she has NEVER been in pain though she just loves to vommit i guess
im so used to it now i'd probably think something was wrong if she didnt spew lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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