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natalie & bub Lock Rss

hi natalie, sorry to pick you out from the crowd!! but i read one of your posts in sleeping and was wondering how you managed to get your little one to sleep through the night?
my lil girl is 6 months, born 29/05/06, and for past 2 months has been not sleeping consistantly throuh, sometimes she does, but more thanlikely she will wake up about 3-4 times a night!
i would really love some advice!!!

newbie mum!!!!!

Hi Bean, I am really sorry I didnt see your post earlier!

The old night waking issue is a difficult one to deal with. My experience with it was so trial and error.

Since the day I brought DS home from the hospital he would wake, in the beggining I knew it was normal and that he had to feed over night, So each and every time he cried or woke I would breast feed him - this is what I believe started us on a bad habit! he would wake every hour and a half right through out the night - Screaming - It was horrible. After about 4.5 months I was convinced that this was in fact just a habit and the night feed was no longer required. He was just snacking between naps over night - I had to teach him that during the day we eat and over night we sleep :'( So I made a decision to stop feeding over night and just try to settle him any way possible with out feeding, I also introduced a formula feed before bed time and made sure I had him in bed for the night between 7 - 730. Do you b/f or bottle feed and what time do you put bubs to bed? When bub does wake is it screaming / crying / winging /playing??

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