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got t hall bk but have questions Lock Rss

hey all i went out and got the bk.just wondering though when she wks with routine from 7 to 7 wat if like my wee girl she can wake up from between 6-630 usually and i like her to be in bed by 6pm so i can get my son ready for bed his tea etc esp when hubby is away.and wat if they dont sleep for as long as she says sophie only sleeps 40min in morn and nidday i can usually get her tp sleep at least 2 hrs by patting when wake at 40 mins sometimes can take over half hr to get her therein to the next sleep cycle.and when she wakes in the morn she needs be back in bed within hr 15 at least or shes just a grump.last nite she was in bed asleep at 515 had 2 feeds in nite one at 945 and then3am then up at 630 she also woke another 2 times but i managed pat her back.all so confusing but wld really like to try it just not sure how to implement it..wish cld contact her.thanks.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

I also got the book and cant follow any of her routines at all. My daughter is 12mths old and also only sleeps for 40mins each sleep cycle.

I find that her routines are a bit unrealistic, and very hard to follow, i sometimes thinks that she expects too much from such a little person.

You can contact her at although i think that it does cost to have her give you one on one consulations.

Hang in there it might get better, starting a routine with such a young baby.
The biggest thing I found to be true in Tizzie's routines is the fact that bubs thrive on consistency! Her routines worked wonders for us but we did have to make some adjustments to suit us.
If you want your bub to do 6 to 6 instead of 7 to 7 them you can you just have to move all the other times in the day forward. By the sounds of it you must have the self-settling working to begin with when you first put bub down so well done on that! Catnapping can be a bit hard to break but be consistent with what you do with bub and she'll so learn how to get from one sleep cycle to the next. I found the catnapping harder to break than teaching the self-settling. What I did with Jeb was wait 5 mins after he woke and start to sook then go in re-settle and calm him down then left the room. I would keep doing this for up to 30mins or so (as long as he wasn't going fully sick in there) This worked for us but it did take a week or more before he learnt to sleep through and from there up 'til now we have very little trouble. Just stay strong and consistent (I sound like a broken record!!LOL!!) and do what works and feels right to you. Good luck smile
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