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4mth old rolling in cot! Rss

HI, i am worried about my little boy.
He rolls over now from he's back onto he's tummy but can't roll back. when i put him to bed he ends up sleeping on he's tummy!
that scares me so much.
he is only 4 mths old !! He likes to be wrapped when he sleeps but lately he's arms come out which i dont mind because that at least means when he's on hes tummy he can left he's head up if he needs to.
I have a wedge next to him (he only rolls from hes right side) but that does not stop him rolling over.
what can i do? unsure

I had the same problem with my little boy. He's now 9mths old and still enjoys sleeping on his tummy sometimes. I also used one of those "safe and sound" velcro rolls to stop him from rolling and he still continued to sleep on his side within the rolls. I heard sometimes when babies have an upset tummy they like to sleep on their belly. don't worry too much, you want them to be comfortable and if that means sleeping on his belly, he'll be fine. I was given some advice which put my mind at ease which is what works for you is right for your family and your gut instinct is usually right. Enjoy your time with your baby boy as they grow so fast! Good luck!
You could try using a Safe-T-Sleep it kind of straps bub to their mattress.

Or I have heard that using a sleeping bag makes it harder to roll.

As long as you have no extra sheets, bumpers, toys in the cot then bubs should be fine.
I was just about to start a new post about my 4 month old rolling in his cot as well when I read this one as I am now scared to wrap him in case he can't roll back again! I do have one of those velcro roll things that I got for my first born so might try that (I actually forgot I had it until now!). Thanks to those who answered my queries too!!
Hi there
I have a two year old and a 6 month old. With my two year old I used it until he could safely roll both ways. From memory I stopped using it at 8 or 9 months.I also had him in a sleep sack and when I stopped using the safety sleep he would often stay on his back, just because he was use to it. On occassions he would roll to his front and sleep happily that way all night. But by 8 months I wasn't too worried about him.
My 6 month old has been in the safety sleep since she was 3 months and began rolling as she'd get stuck at the side of the cot and scream until I came to get her. I'll probably take her out of it when in a few months time.
I didn't buy a safety sleep I just made one, as they are really expensive to buy new and effectively just a piece of material with valcro. I folded a bassinet sheet in half and sewed it together. Next I sewed it to the middle of a cot mattress. Then I sewed valcro strips near the ends of the folded bassinet sheet (I popped baby in so that I could work out where they needed to go to make it secure). I worked a treat.
Hope that helps.
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