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Sleeps per day Lock Rss

I think my 9 month old has decided she only wants one sleep a day. I'm pretty shattered about that.

When did everybody else's kidlets go from 2 to 1 sleep in a day? Thanks.

Oh and she still doesn't sleep through.
16 months N went from 2 sleeps till 1. I expected it to be more round 10-12 mnths. in saying that he only catnapped till 12 months. i was lucky for him to sleeep 20 mins morning and afternoon sad and now hes dropped his morning sleep Im lucky enough to getr an hour sad even though he was doing at least an hour and a half morning and afetrnoon. He rarely sleeps through as well.
From memory...which is decidedly dodgy these days DS2 was about 15 months and I can't really remember how old DS1 was but I reckon he was about the same age.

With DS2 I instituted mandatory rest time so even if he didn't sleep, he had to lay down for at least 30 minutes. smile

ds was 12 months when he dropped his am nap.

dd is 10 months and still has hers. i think she will keep hers longer than ds as she just LOVES to sleep.
Hi there,
I think my daughter was around 14 months. I know when she was making the transition we found that if she slept for more than 2 hours for her am nap, then she would not have an afternoon nap, but if it were less than that, we could still get her down in the pm (but not longer than 4pm, otherwise she wouldn't go to bed at 7pm for night night).
Hope this helps smile

DD2 has just now at 15mth dropped to one sleep a day.
DS dropped to 1 sleep between 11&12months. I'd institute quiet time too just to give yourself a break!! Oh, & my DS didn't sleep through until 11months......

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