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Keeping same pattern as when she was im my belly... Lock Rss

My little girl is now 15 weeks old & from when I was about 30 weeks pregnant she always had a regular pattern of being really active through the day & at 3-5am in the morning.. Before she was born I told my partner that I think this baby is going to be a early riser like him. She hasn't changed & still wakes up at 4am every morning & doesnt really sleep much through the day... Has anyone else experieced the same thing keeping same pattern from the womb till after being born. Not sure if this can happen or its just a coincedence!!!
I would love my girl to sleep in till 6am, she's a good baby & I couldnt imagine life without her..

Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07

A lot of people believe womb patterns are indicative of what the baby will be like when born. Unfortunately for me this was not the case. In my belly dd was only active mid afternoon and never gave me any trouble overnight. But since she was born she has been the worst sleeper!! We are getting better now, but the first couple of months were horrible! She would have a terrible pattern of settling at night at about 1am! then waking for a feed at about 5am-6am, and the back down till 11am! During the day she only did 20-40 minute sleeps. Geez I am glad those day are behind us!
DD was VERY alert for a newborn and I believe was overstimulated just by the world around her which seemed to fascinate her. She is more used to life on the 'outside' now, and is an absolute hoot! the only suggestion I can make, and its not ground breaking, is to wrap her and soothe her for a while in a dark room before each sleep. Good luck.

Dimitria, 1st time mum of Yasmine, Born Nov 2005

My daughter was active in the morning and also at night sometimes and kick me in the rips all the time, and some people believe that the way that the baby was in the womb and how you act during your pregnancy makes the baby when they a older.

Like if you were happy and outgoing and etc than your baby will the same way, I think your daughter will always be a early bird unless she grows out of it. Have you try to give her a feed to put her back to sleep for another 2 hours?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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