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finally!! Lock Rss


would like to share with you a success story! OUr little girl (7 months) has finally moved back into nearly her usual pattern for day and night time sleeping. Her sleeping pattern was severely disrupted with the cutting of 4 top teeth 7 weeks ago as well as my mum visiting us for a week. After my mum left, she was waking every couple of hours screaming before a cuddle, bottle and occassionally change of nappy.In the mornings she used to wake up smiling and happy, arms flapping and wild with excitement when you peered over the cot, these past few weeks she was waking up crying and it was very sad for us to see. Things got progressively worse with her not wanting to sleep in recent weeks during the day, and when she did it was only for x2 half and hour bursts....I was absolutely tired and frazzled and getting frustrated and angry. All she wanted to do was to play, they got grizzly when tired and couldn't sleep! Finally, last night 7 weeks on since this awful sleeping pattern commenced she has managed only to wake once during the night for a bottle. She usually is a great sleeper with her sleeping from 6:30-7pm for 11-12 hours. Better still, she woke up with a big smile, cute baby sounds and arms flapping as we have come to know her to wake up usually before all this started. Am so releived and hope that it continues. She has also started to learn to fall asleep by herself these past 2 nights without us having to rock her until she is drowsy (she is getting way too heavy to do this also!). No controlled crying or controlled comforting for her at this point! *sigh* thanks, just wanted to share this success with you! SJ
Hi southaussie that is great to hear that your little one is sleeping alot better and that there is hope for me yet with my daughter and congratuations on your little one teeth and I bet they are sharp and Jaye has one teeth and that is sharp and especailly when she bites me on the boot.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi SJ,
Good on yer! Hope you continue to enjoy your successful sleeping.
Hopefully all the sleep deprived Mums will gain a bit of hope from this as well, it can be done!!
Have a good sleep.........

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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