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best purchase i made... Lock Rss

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you all know of the best thing i ever bought.
Its a cd called "sounds for silence" I bought it from babies galore, and i tell you what.... It seriously lives up to its name! The first time i put it on for Jett it sounded just like the check ups we use to go for with our midwife, you know the when she would put the thingy on your belly to hear bubs heart beat.... sounds just like that, some of the other tracks on the CD do sound like a freight train passing through the room or a rave happening in the room but, i guarantee by the 4th or 5th track, Jett's sound asleep..... The only thing i dont really like about it, is after the 6th track it plays classical music. As soon as Jett hears that, he's awake.
I swear by this CD. Everytime Ive got it on, friends and family who havent heard it before, always ask me why I dont put some "nice music" on. well, i tell you..."nice music" doesnt put Jett to sleep, thats why! lol
Anyway, id love to hear what you all swear by in ways of purchases...


that sounds really good. my best buy was my fisher price ocean wonders swing. daniel loves it, and if he's overtired, it puts him to sleep nicely. he just looks so adorable in it. it also gives me some time to catch up with the housework, while hes amused by the toys on it

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hey Beth
Guess what? I also bought that CD and also like you loved it until the part where the classical music kicks in, I had to go into her room and turn in right down when that classical stuff started,,,, so I only used it for a couple of weeks, now she listens to soft music......but I can tell you when I first put the Sounds for Silence on it scarred me *&^%*(*(
Good luck with it.... just a suggestion, why dont you copy the CD just until track 6 so you miss all that other stuff
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