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5.5 months old & doesn't want to nap at all. Help Lock Rss

This is my first time on this forum & I really need some help.

My baby girl is 5&1/2 months old & is almost impossible to get to sleep. Since she was about 3months old I have had great trouble with day naps. She can go 12hrs & still won't tire out, just get really grizzly by the end of the day if she doesn't have any naps. I try so hard often taking an hour or 2 to get her to sleep & if I am sucessfull she sleeps for exactly 40mins then try to resettle for 30mins but it never works. On a good day she has 2 40min naps which took alot of work.

I was just wondering if anyone else had a baby like this. I don't know what to do. She doesn't like to be wrapped anymore & even though we have tried & tried she has always refussed the dummy. Control crying doesn't work as I can't even get her to lay down. I tuck her in tight & she kicks herself back then rolls on her tummy & makes it to the end of the cot then trys everything to get out (which of course she can't at this age).

She isn't as bad at night she goes to bed ok at about 6pm then wakes several times during the night & is awake for the day between 5-6am. When she wakes in the night she isn't hungry she just wants a cuddle. I cant ignore her though. I have to get up & go in there to try & resettle her because she is often on her tummy trying to crawl or hitting her head on the end of the cot if I leave her
Oh Briella you poor thing! My son is the same age and the only way I can get him to have a daytime nap is to feed him to sleep! He normally has 1 1/2 hour in morning and 40 mins in the arvo. We had so much trouble trying to settle him for sleep, we tried everything - rocking, dummies, wrapping, controlled crying but nothin would work, he'd just cry himself to sleep - it was horrible and this went on for 3 months, only a couple of weeks ago he started to get better. Funny thing is, he was the opposite at night, settled easily and normally slept through. It's so hard isn't it, I really wouldn't know how to fix your dilema - maybe ask your chn. Just know you're not alone!

hi i know exactly where your coming from i'm in the same boat i have no answers for you but just to let you know your not the only one even though it feels like it. I have given up a bit as was needing sleep and when she wakes at about 2/3 i put her in bed with me bad habbit i know but hey at least i get some sleep. sorry could be no help but good luck.
Hi briella my daughter is 11 months old and ever since she was born she has been doing the same thing that your little one is doing. The only time Jaye will have a catnap is if I stay there with her and wait to she wake up and thats the only way she will sleep and it drive me crazy but when she does go down for a catnap it will only last on half hour if im lucky, couple of times I have read a book to Jaye to get her to sleep and that did work for awhile but than we went back to the old way.

I did try control crying but Jaye got really upset and it wasnt funny to see my little girl like that and has your little one like to help you out when you are doing things around the house?

All I do with Jaye before she goes to bed I give her a big feed and wait for a hour before I put her into bed and once the time is up I take her to her bed and lay her down and hope that she will stay asleep and close the door and sometimes it works and other times it doesnt, someone told me to try a piece of clothing that you have wear and put it into her cot cause she can still smell you near her.

Good luck and chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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