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Well my baby girl is nearly 11 months old and from the time she was around 8 months she hasn't had a full night sleep.

She got sick a few months ago with Tonsilitis and an ear infection so she was on antibiotics and i thought that would help well it did for about a week and now she is back to screaming in her sleep ALL night. I don't know what is wrong half the time she doesn't even wake up. Im sure its not teeth cause when it is she usually bites on everything while sleeping, but i am just not sure what to do! She will wake usually once a night but doesn't want to be cuddled, won't have a bottle or do anything but cry until she eventually falls asleep. It is so draining and me and my husband are at wits end!

Please help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I also forgot to say she is the best little girl all day doesn't cry or make a fuss it sjust at night. We've also tried infants friend, teething tablets, panadol and even sometimes not very often nurofen. Nothing Helps!

I have already given this answer today on a different question but this sounds like night terrors. It is very upsetting for parent and child but there is lots of information about it and im sure some very good methods to help with it.
I really feel for you because there is nothing worse than your babies upset and inconsolable. I wish you luck finding a solution
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