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Dummy...... Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what they've done. DD 2 who is 3 weeks old needs her dummy to go to sleep... Only problem is, it falls out while she's sleeping and this wakes her up. I've been in there 4 times already and she's only been down for 20 mins. DD1 didn't have this problem and when I eventually took the dummy off her she was fine. I know I can't let DD2 cry it out but am at a bit of a loss what to do. I've tried patting her back but this just caused more upset.

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It's a pretty common problem <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> As she gets bigger and her sucking gets stronger she'll be able to hold it in. For now, all you can do is keep popping it back in, or try to wean her off it.

HERE is a good starting point for getting her to sleep without the dummy.

Hope that helps,
We had the same problem, it will only last a couple of weeks/month until her sucking reflex improves. For the moment you will just have to keep putting it back in (un-fortuantely). We perseviered and am gald i did. My little man loves his dummy!
We had the same problem and our GP suggested trying different types and shpaes. Just a bit of trial and error, but we eventually found one that was perfect (it then got recalled - bugger), and but have found a replacement.
Thanks alot for replying, it's good to know that the sucking will get stronger, I couldn't imagine doing this for 6 months lol. I really want her to have the dummy as it's a god send in the car!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday smile

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