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Help! From Patting/Rocking to self settling Lock Rss

Dear all,

I have a 9 month old that was sleeping through from about 7:30pm til 6am now she is killing me.... Waking up at least twice a night and now i have gone back to work part time i get so buggered...

I am sure it is because i am still wrapping her and patting her to sleep. Although her last bottle i do in dim lights in the quiet and she usually falls asleep by the end of the bottle, i wrap her and put her straight to bed..

I need to get out of this habit. I would love to just put her in her cot and she put her self to sleep but soon as i close the door she would cry.

Can you guys share you experiences and give me some tips?

Yours very tiredly ox

Annette, NSW, 9 month old

Hi there,

You poor thing. Did she just started waking up since you went back to work? I heard that it may be from being in someone else's care for the day, they just need their mums attention a bit more, if this is the case, she should settle back into her routine....hopefully...good luck
hi i have found the tizzie hall book Save our Sleep to be a lifesaver. i'd be happy to give you some tips from the book on routines and self settling if you'd like? you can email me at [email protected]

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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