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Why is there so much pressure on babies Lock Rss

If I was a SAHM I wouldn't give a toss if mine slept through the night, but when I am sitting at work and vomit on my desk from sleep deprevation and not eating correctly for months, then somethings gotta give.

I am a controlled crier, I like my babies to sleep through, and I am proud that they do, and we all function as a very happy and well balanced family.

I agree!

I think some people dont realize how much sleep deprivation is involved in having a child. Babies are just that - BABIES! They wake during the night, some dont sleep at all! It all comes with the package im afraid!

As my mum says she still had nights were i wake her up bahaha!!!
I dont think there is pressure on babies to sleep through the night.

They just do what they do and i know i dont judge anyones parenting by how well their kids sleep

HOWEVER... i have NO idea how poeple do it with children that dont sleep well. my son started sleeping 10 hours straight at 8 weeks old(still does)

me + sleep = good grin
me + no sleep = grumpy grumpy mummy/wife!

I guess if your kids dont sleep well you just get on with it but it must be so hard.

Maybe some women just expect it to happen sooner than they should? I personally went into motherhood expecting not to get a good night sleep for many many months, even years.

I agree!
However I was blessed with a great sleeper smile

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