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9 week old not sleeping Lock Rss

HELP!!! My 9 week just wont sleep!! Day or night!! I make sure that she is fully fed, burped, right temp, clean nappy.... i have tried everything! Rocking her, taking her for a walk, going for a drive, swadling, even letting her in the bed with me! Ive even started a routine thinking that the day being more predictable she will get use to it and settle... its been 3 weeks since i have started the routine... nothing seems to work!! She is so tired and can see that she really wants to sleep, as that she nods off for about 5/10min but then wakes up screaming.... for it to happen all over again!! I am totally out of options, and cannot think as im so tired aswell!! I took her to the doctors and the doctor just told me that she is just an 'unsettled baby'. Any suggestions?
If you already have 6 kids and know all the things I'll tell you, and have tried them all, then I apologise in advance!!
At 9 weeks forget any sort of routine - babies are at least 12-16 weeks before you can sort of begin to get an idea of what they will do and when. Until then, you just go with the flow. Generally, babies shouldn't be awake for any more than maybe an hour and a half at his age - even less sometimes, and probably babies that are unsettled are constantly overtired. I know you are exhausted and just want a break - just wrap baby up firmly after you've done everything else right, and put her (?) into her bed and walk out. Make a cup of tea and drink it. Put her on her tummy - most babies settle way better that way, and you can watch her during the day - and at night, you can turn her onto her back after she's asleep.
I constantly held my first child because that was the only way I could keep her asleep for more that 5 minutes, and I made life so hard for myself. I will never forget how tired I was for 6 long months. I didn't make that mistake again!!! Give yourself a break, leave her alone for a while (ear plugs if you must) and let her cry. If it's that high-pitched screaming cry that needs attention, then pick her up, otherwise, let her cry. Good luck.
also they should only be up an hour before going back to be including a feed.... some babies only last 45mins before going back to bed....

also have you tried running the vacum cleaner... i use that a lot still do if he is unsettled ... the neighbour asked me if i was addicted to vacum cleaning lol you don't actually have to use it just let it run..... i have done this also at 2am in the morning lol roll eyes
HI just thought i would let you know what I do for my DD to get her to sleep! She is a really good sleeper which probably just comes down to luck but If you try some of these things they just might work! At first she was terrible then after two weeks she started sleeping 4 hours straight at night and now she sleeps 12 hours and has 3 day naps. she was also a really bad day sleeper but once you sort the nights out the days get better aswell. Anyway not sure if you still wrap her but I started wrapping dd after 4 weeks and she slept heaps better.Anyway the first night dd slept well I wrapped her with her arms in shut all the curtains, and turned the radio onto static. I know it sound weird having the radio on static but it is white noise and thats what they are used to in the womb! It also helps if you put them to bed before they are overtierd if you see them rubbing their eyes and jerking their arms and legs that is a good sign. I started putting dd to bed at 6:30 before she got to tired and she slept to 2. then two weeks later she slept to 4 and now she sleeps to 6;30 most nights. After i put her in bed I just leave her and if she cried I would go back in and pat her chest but I wouldn't get her back up. Since your dd is already over tired You might have to leave her cry it out a bit maybe go in every 5 minutes or more. but when you go in just pat her until she stops crying then leave again.

After a week she went to sleep without crying at all. I never patted her to sleep just patted so she would stop crying. If you pat or rock them to sleep when they wake up the can't reselte themseleves and thats why they only sleep for a few hours and then they cry and wan't you to help to put them to sleep. BUt even if you have to pat her to sleep whatever works for you aslong as you get some sleep.

anyway sorry to ramble on I just know how frustrating it was with dd until I tried this and now she is heaps better. she is now in a grobag with her arms out and she still sleeps really well but you could always just try wrapping. So basically just to repeat my self you can try wrapping, blacking out the room, having the radio on static, patting to calm her but don't pat or rock him to sleep always put her into to bed to awake so that way when she wakes at night she may be able to resettle herself without you! I am no expert but I just want to pass on some advice I wish someone would have given me!!!! Even if she sleeps 3hours straight that is great!

If you already have 6 kids and know all the things I'll tell you, and have tried them all, then I apologise in advance!!

LOL no, havent had 6 kids but work in childcare!! She use to sleep so fantasticly, and now all of a sudden she just wont sleep!! I could put her in the cot awake and she would just drift off by herself!! Now, she just stays awake.. I still do the same things when i see her tired signs.. so nothing has changed there.. She gets wraped before being put to bed, as she just wakes herself if her arms are out... i thought that she might not be sleeping and just crying because she wants the freedom of her arms out, so i tried her in a growbag, but that was a major fail! Im wracking my brain as to what has disrupted her sleep! Since putting her in a routine, she has been ALOT more settled and happy during her "awake" times, and she only lasts an hour if that awake. I notice her normal tired signs, do her bedtime ritual, but as soon as it comes to putting her in the cot, its like a switch is flicked and suddenly she is fighting sleep, wanting to stay awake, and then just starts crying! I gave up the other day, left her in the cot to cry it out while i went and had a shower just to get a break as she hadnt stopped crying the day before, that night, and the next day....
I second using a sling. I found that KEPT DD asleep, as well as settling her, and I could still do things.
Controlled crying is not recommended under the age of 6 months (if at all)
at 9 weeks she doesnt even know if shes a real person yet. keeping her close to you helps to regulate her emotions. Google '4th trimester' "pinky mckay" "no cry sleep solution" and "dr Sears" (the Sears have LOADS of advice for fussy babies!)
Even after 5 babies I still read those resources and have never left any of them to cry (excepting a few minute meltdown when I had to leave bubs in the bassinette (safe) and just take a shower and cry, during PTSD and PND) and they6 all sleep fantastically now.

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