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22 month old STILL not sleeping through Lock Rss

Okay I'm getting bloody desperate here.

Can someone PLEASE throw me some suggestions that I haven't yet tried to get my 22 month old to sleep through?????

I'm about to go insane.
Hey Mate,
Might be time to get some help/advice from a sleep school to help get these little ones sleeping through for you. Have you got a Maternal child health nurse you see here? They will be able to refer you to some where that can help. Hopefully you were able to get them back to sleep!!
what have you tried?

My 2 year old got sick for a while and was waking during the night and stupidly i took him to bed with me and then it became a habbit and would wake just to come to my bed.

So i started by going in picking him up cuddling him, singing and then putting him back to bed. Then the next night the same but shorter and so on until i would just go in and pat him, stroke his hair and say go back to sleep and finally it worked.

But every child is different so it might not work for yours, you just have to keep trying things.

Good luck

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

DD didn't sleep through until 2 and a half. I would read a book to her and lay with her until she she fell asleep than when she woke up just lay with her. Over a few months she started sleeping all night and even stayed in her own bed.
Have you tried Brauer's Children's Sleep formula??

When I started work DS got a bit silly and would wake several times during the night to come into our bed.. This went on for months until I was about to go to the Dr to ask for sleeping pills (or a child's alternative)!

Went to the chemist first to see what they could give me over the counter and they suggest the Brauers sleep stuff smile

First two nights not a lot of change - he still woke up at least once, but after that it was perfect!!!! A little mister sleeping through again grin

Gave it to him for a couple of weeks running before giving it a break and so far he's been really good..

Definitely give it a go!!!
oh and use the liquid not the spray smile

I've done the cuddling thing, reading story, singing, stroking, getting hardarse, changing bed time, changing bed attire, changing food.

But i didn't know Brauer's made a sleep thingy and I love their other stuff so I reckon I'll give that a burl first!!

Thanks all smile
Sounds like she's just in the habit of waking up.. this is what DS got into, so using the Brauers was pretty much breaking the habit and reminding his body and brain of how to stay asleep all night smile

Good luck!! - it's about $15 or so a bottle, but it should last a while - you give 2ml every half an hour, 2 hours before bed.
And it tastes a bit like very weak berry cordial smile

Ahhh i can kinda relate, DS is 16months old now and never slept through in his life angry blink Hoping he does one day soon though, might have to get some of that braurs stuff me thinks

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

ahhh honey I hope it gets sorted out for you soon xx

If not send her to me tongue you know the whole a change is as good as a holiday and she will probably want to stay asleep forever to get away from mister monster lmao

Let me know if you use the sleep stuff and how it goes, I might try it on Levi... back to 3 times up at night now and I really have to get something in place before school next year arghhhh

Leigha''s little men smile

Just wanted to post to let you know that, oddly enough, she slept through last night...... Maybe posting on here was the thing to do????!!!!!
I love the colonel: how are things going now? Just for future reference tongue
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