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Is comfort/ controlled crying safe for baby from 6 months?

Would cc be ineffective if you co-sleep?

Also what would you do / or have done to move baby who is 6 months from your bed and who you are thinking to cc?
I' not sure what you mean by comfort crying but many people consider controlled crying (i assume you mean allowing them to cry for a period of time then going in and resettling) to be a bit unkind because you keep coming and going.

We allow our baby to self settle when he is 'protest crying' (when the crying has quieter or silent periods) as it indicates he is fighting sleep. we go to him when he is emotionally crying for food or a wet backside, cold etc.

We go by a book called 'Save Our Sleep' by Tizzie Hall. Her methods are based on routines and many of our friends use it and I would honestly recommend it (or 'save our sleep - toddler') to anyone.

Is comfort/ controlled crying safe for baby from 6 months?

Would cc be ineffective if you co-sleep?

Also what would you do / or have done to move baby who is 6 months from your bed and who you are thinking to cc?

If you are looking to move from co-sleeping to not then I suggest looking at Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution. She gives gentle ways to wean your baby off sleep associations you don't want to ones you do.

Controlled Crying/Comforting (CC)isn't recommended for babies younger than 6 months of age...though personally it's not something we'd ever do again and there are differing views on whether it is 'safe' or not. Safe from the perspective of the psychological impacts not necessarily physical safety...though if you leave a child to cry until they vomit for example I suppose you could risk them choking on, or aspirating the vomit into their lungs, making them unwell.

With DS2 we didn't actually do anything. He decided at 7 months of age that he didn't want to be in our bed anymore...though it took us a month to work out that's what all the fidgeting meant when we tried to bring him into our bed. laugh

I suppose it depends on why you want a change, what time frame you are looking to achieve it in and how much crying you are willing to put up with. Personally I found CC to be torturous, not only for me but for DS1 as well, which is why we were determined not to use it again. It didn't 'work' for us in the end we found something that did. There are other ways to get babies to settle on their own without leaving them to cry; if you want more info I am happy to answer questions as to what we did or you could read the No Cry Sleep Solution as above. I borrowed my copy from the local library so that might be a first point of call if you don't want to spend the money to own a copy.

thanks for all the recommendations, please keep them coming.

The reason why i want to change from rocking and giving dummy is because DS does not sleep well in the day time. I don't mind at all the rocking and giving dummy but even those two combine is not helping with his sleep. He could do 30minutes or less and wait for the next sleep.
I believe this is because he is unable to settle himself in the first place and then resettle himself after a cycle and are extremely noise sensitive.
I believe if he's got good day sleep, quality of night sleep is better.

For his afternoon nap, mum called and screamed in my ear to tell me to go it and pick up DS NOW!!! She cannot understand my good intensions.
I will accept the fact wholeheartedly if after 3 days it doesn't work. But i have not tried it and feeling unsatisfied for my DS and myself.

So today, DS protested for 32 minutes and sleep the rest of the 1.5hr (GOOD WORK DS!)
Unfortunately for the midday sleep, he protested for a whole 2 hours and didn't get any sleep?
Tonight, he was very clingy and was exhausted. He fell asleep on the bottle (that's ok, i would too if i have been awake that long). I tucked him in, he protested for a few minutes and went back to sleep with no assistance.

Progession? I don't know. Will need to see how we go tonight and i hope there will be improvement tmr.

Admittedly i contemplated on using cc very much as no one in our family has done this. Plus i have a very soft heart and are a chicken.
So I'd love to hear/ read advice and experiences and outcomes of mums who have tried this.
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