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When did your baby first sleep through the night? Lock Rss

My little Charlotte is three and half months old, she will be awake all day except for 15 minute naps in my arms (forget about putting her down) but from midnight till about 10.30 most night she will sleep solid and then another quick feed and she will sleep until about noon, i breastfeed and they say their more unsettled breastfed but i think it all depends on the baby
My first was BF for her first year and fed at 6pm, 9pm, 12, and 3am overnight til she was 1.
My 2nd has never been a good day sleeper, but slept all night from 6 months when he also started formula. I tried the controlled crying with him and it was horrible and now at nearly 2 he still can't be comforted by anyone. So I feel guilty that I made him not let anyone comfort him when he's hurt or sick or tired.
My 3rd is BF and wakes up 2 or 3 times a night, and I was starting to think I'm the only one whose chidren don't sleep at night. Getting very tired with DS only sleeping about 30 mins a day, and up every 3 or 4 hours at night with youngest. Don't really want to stop BF. Glad I'm not the only one though.
My ds started sleeping through at about 3 months and he was fully breastfeed. Im hoping the next one will be the same haha

My DD has been sleeping 12 hours a night since 8 weeks, with off days when she is sick or had needles. I have a feeling my next bub isnt going to be a good sleeper because I've been so lucky this time! roll eyes

^^^ Exactly the same as my DS since 8 weeks. I also think the next bub will be a terrible sleeper as we have been so lucky this time. That being said we did teach DS to self settle as he was a terrible sleeper up until we did this.
My DD from 3 months and DS from 6 weeks. I believe consistency and routine is the key (eg bath, feed, story then bed at the same time each night), as well as fitting all of their feeds in between 7am and 10.30pm. So if they have 6 breastfeeds per day, wake them and feed them every 3 hours, 7am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6.30pm and 10.30pm. If they have had their daily milk intake between those hours then they will more than likely sleep through and not wake up hungry. Oh and dressing them appropriately so they don't wake up cold at around 5am helps.
I use the tweddle method, it is all about putting them to bed awake without sleep associations like mobiles, dummies etc and reasurance they learn that their cot is cot sleeping. For the younger ones you pat them to calm them down if they get worked up and the older ones it is in and out of their room, but let me tell you it is much easier when they are younger! And ensure they sleep for at least an hour so they know how to resettle after one sleep cycle.

The book sleep right, sleep tight is awesome and still allows for a life unlike some of the others.
My little girl who is now 2, slept through the night from 7.30pm - 7.30am from around 5wks and hasn't looked back. Some mornings (usually around once/twice a week) she will sleep til around 8ish. I am now expecting baby number 2 in January & we are hoping we're blessed with another good sleeper.
Thanks everyone. It seems to me from everyones replies you either have a good sleeper or you don't. I have a very structured routine, have to with 3 kids smile Kids have dinner at 5, then it's bath, books, bed by 6:30. I feed my 6 month old every 3 hours from 6:30am til 9:30 pm and she wakes up usually twice a night. I even tried feeding her 2 hourly during the day but it made no difference. I put her to bed awake and happy, and she goes off to sleep no problems and goes straight back to sleep without by herself too. You'd think I'd get 1 good sleeper out of 3 hey.
DS slept the first night from 9pm - 7am (No one told me I had to wake baby to feed him!) Then we took him hom and for the first 3 months we had from 7pm-10pm then 10.30pm til 5.30am - and cos I don't go to bed til 11pm and DF gets up at 5.30am then this was a full night sleep for us!

We lived with my parents and mum was so envious (sp?).

We got through the teething ok, it's only when he is sick that he wakes. He now sleeps 7/7.30pm-6/7/8am, sometimes 9am if doesn't have a day sleep the day before.

I know the next child will be nowhere near as easy going as DS.

hi, they are all so different.
I have breastfed all 3 of my kids, so cant compare to bottle feeding, but all have been totally different sleepers.
DS- terrible sleeper, had to rock, pat, feed to sleep etc. Did some CC at 6mths and he slept brilliantly through the night 1st night and ever since.
DD1- great self settler, first slept through at 3 mths but affected a lot by teething illness etc.
DD2- have just phased out night feeds at 9 mths, and after a few nights of resettling by daddy she is now sleeping through.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

my DS was BF and slept 12 hours a night 7.30-7.30 from 8 weeks... and he was 6 weeks early!!

lazy baby blink

i dont think how they are fed etc has anything to do with it , i think its just their natural temperement/body clock.... smile
MY DD (now 4 months) has slept from around 7pm till 6am since she was 9-10 weeks. She does wake once at night every few days but has a grizzle and goes straight back to sleep. I guess im pretty lucky. She is FF though. She had a few issues with day sleeping but I took her dummy away and now she falls asleep like a pro. Can only hope this next baby is as good.
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