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6 month old never stops moving Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a little girl who is almost 6 months, and she never stops moving. Even when she's calm she's usually moving one of her legs.
Its making getting her to sleep tough, she's constantly throwing herself or her arms and legs around and ends up waking herself up. I'm finding that if I don't watch her when I'm feeding her she can just throw herself around or throw herself off my lap (sounds extreme, but so are some of her movements!!). Even when she's feeding she's got one arm flying around everywhere hitting me.
Its not the hitting me I'm worried about, it doesn't hurt and I can hold her hand down. Its when I put her to bed and she wakes herself up moving after 5 minutes and then gets upset.
Even when I am nursing her and she's asleep she just doesn't stop wriggling and all the jolted movements.

The last few nights she has been up every 45 minutes or so and its so tiring. I feel like I just crawl back into bed and she's up again. She can't self settle, she could at one stage but she seems to have gotten herself out of this habit. I'm in the process of trying to teach her but its a very long process!

Just wondering if anyone else's littlies moved this much - and what you found helped!
I had been using a sleeping bag for a couple of weeks now instead of wrapping her but she seems to have gotten worse again so I'm not sure what to do. She can't be wrapped forever. And even this isn't helping!!

I've talked to the doc during checkups and apparantly there isn't anything physically wrong with her which is great, but she also told me that she has never seen another baby move this much. Its all day, she doesn't stop. She's got to be bouncing or kicking or flapping her arms around!!

thanks in advance wink
Gah! I typed you out a wonderfully long winded answer about how my bub is exactly the same, and the stupid internet ate it!

Anyway, my girl really went down hill around that age, as she really leaped forward developmentally- crawling and standing and whatnot. She has never liked being wrapped, as she needed to be able to move or she would get extremely distressed, but I've heard that it's not good to wrap once they can roll anyway. I try and use a few different methods to get her to sleep. Breastfeeding to sleep is great, as that's what it's meant to do (put them to sleep), I also lie her on her back and either sit or lie next to her with my hand across her hips to keep her still till she goes to sleep. On desperate nights when that doesn't work I walk and cuddle till she goes. I find she needs to be in a deepish sleep before I put her down/take my hand away, otherwise she rolls and wakes. I figure she will learn to self settle when she's developmentally ready. I hope unsure

I don't leave her to cry, each to their own, but it's not for me. Plus she has an extremely determined and motivated personality and I could see it turning into an awful battle of wills. But that's me, I'm happy to help her to sleep until she is ready to get there herself (and like yours, she was getting there till all this happened). We also bed share for part of the night, usually early morning, as this means we both get sleep. As her wake ups are movement related, I'm not sure how to prevent them, short of tying her up tongue

At the moment she's teething and growth-spurting and really seems to need me there. So I'm just going with the flow and telling myself that this will pass eventually. I do have a very happy, healthy bub who is content, confident, rarely cries and is meeting milestones fairly early, so I figure we're doing o.k.

So, sorry, not many answers, hopefully someone else will come along with some ideas, I'll be watching, lol. I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. grin
Hi mish77,thanks for your reply. Sorry its taken me so long to reply back, stupid internet!
Oh I do that ALL The time and lose things I've put time and effort into writing haha.

I hope you are right and my little one learns to self settle eventually as well. I'm tearing my hair out trying to get her to sleep and trying to maintain my sanity haha.
She sounds so much like your bub but. I find I'm always walking/rocking her to sleep if I can't breast feed her to sleep. And if I put her down and she isn't super asleep she'll wake straight away crying. It is so frustrating when I think I've finally gotten her to sleep and put her down and she's awake before I get out the door.

I'm pleased to know I'm not alone on this one. Thanks so much for your reply wink
Hopefully they sort themselves out soon.
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