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We are going to stay with family who smoke in their home - whilst we are there they will smoke outside. But I am concerned since they have smoked in the house for over 10years and I am sure it's in the walls and furiture. The only other option is staying have a hotel (they are close relatives) but this would offend them.
Am I over reacting? My daugther hasn't been around much smoking/smokers?!
Would you stay there?
Thanks in advance!
No you are Right !! the smoke is in every thing, it taints the walls and any furniture in the house. If you need to stay there i suggest take bedding for bub that way bubs stuff is fresh.
Im very paranoid about my daughter and her being around smoking. Unfortunatly her father smokes and for the fist 8 months of her life i used to make him shower or take off his shirt when he came over to visit. Smoke gets into absolutely everything and it is awefully harmful for children to breath in. I understand that you dont want to offend your family I had to negotiate that issue too, it can be tricky. Maybe just be very careful about what ur kids are breathing in, what their faces are in, like pillows, blankets, carpet.
yea it gets into everything!
one of my DFs family friends keeps pestering him to take bubs over to her place so she can meet him but they smoke inside so i said they can come to us.
im not putting my son in harms way.
and we have a family history of asthma so i dont wana risk it.
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