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Cloth Nappies at Night Lock Rss

To the cloth nappy mumma's. My little man has started to more frequently sleep through the night and he has started having a slight leak when he does. I don't have any night nappies will get some if necessary just wondering what you all do for night time to keep bubs dry. I don't really want to use disposables.
Hi there, i don't know from experience yet but one of my friends had the same problem with her daughter, she said she got some plastics from target, they're just like plastic undies to put over top of cloth nappies (they sound terrible but not that bad!!) Super cheap and she hasn't had any leakage since smile
I used Bonnibuns night time nappies but they are not cheap. For a cheaper alternative you could get some bamboo or microfibre inserts and lay one or two in the nappy for extra absorbency at night smile
I would fold another nappy in a line and use it as an insert as well as using plastic/pvc pants, but there are good inserts you can get now. I also bought bum wraps nappy's which are fantstic
We use the Baby Beehinds night nappy most nights for DD - never have any leaks with these, sometimes I'll use a bamboo BBH with both snap in sections and that has only leaked once or twice. If there is room in the nappies you are already using, I'd try a bamboo booster first, you might get away with that, and it would be a whole lot cheaper then a dedicated night nappy smile

What sort of nappies do you use? I use itti tuttos, they have a pul cover so I add an extra booster to them for night, or use an itti boo with a wool cover. I prefer the itti boo for overnight for my bub but I only have 1 atm so have to resort to the tutto sometimes

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