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Settles to Sleep then.... Lock Rss

Hi All

My DD is 7 weeks and she settles herself to sleep with a dummy and then in 10mins time she wakes up squirms around kicks her legs and sometimes she needs to burp adn this can go on for an hour!!!! Other times htere is no burp but I pick her up anbd she starts arching her back and pulls her legs up I not sure if is Silent Reflux or just her fighting her sleep?

This has started happening on Friday Afternoon........ The other days she is quite good takes her around 45 mjns to sleep but she eventually goes down.

I have been using a book called "Save our sleep" by Tizzie Hall. It basically gets your child into a set routine. You may have to adjust it a little since it's your second child.Also try Infants friend. The combo of these have helped our colicy baby greatly.

Hope this helps.

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The way you describe her arching her back and pulling her legs up really does sound like wind to me. Do you spend anytime after every feed trying to burp her? If it's taking an hour when you're trying to settle her, I think I'd just make it your habit to spend some time after each feed burping her and then try settling when she seems comfortable. Shes much too young for any baby-training, sleep routines imo.
I agree with the others, sounds like wind.
You could try keeping your dd upright for 20 min or so after you feed her, even after she has burped. Should help with the wind. and walking around will sooth her to help her get to sleep too.
Or maybe you could try swaddling? she might be startling and waking herself up?

LOL you would never guess it but my DS JUST this second woke up after sleeping only 10 min... looks like I need to try my own advice heehee
Lucky me, DF is home tonight to do some baby duty!
He just went in and rocked the bassinett for a few min and he drifted back off, so maybe you could try that wink grin grin
That's what I love about forums everyone has their own opinion. I forgot to add on my previous post Tizzie Hall discusses possible conditions that are deterrents to sleep including Colic and Reflux. I followed her advice on what to do for colic and along with the Infants Friend it helped.

I can be frustrating because I have found my little one's signs for wind can be similar to her signs for being over tired.I found having a routine has worked for her. I acknowledge that everyone child and parent is different so it won't work for everyone.

It is worth taking note of how your child likes to sleep. My bubs is an arms up sleeper so I found a wrap that suited her style of sleeping. She was a Houdini and would squirm out of the traditional wraps and woke herself up.The Love To Swaddle Up (see has worked wonders for her. A few friends have suggested the Swaddle Me (see for a hands down baby.

Good luck with whatever you end up trying.
my DS wears a love to swaddle up too... you're right - they're amazing!
I have the same issue, in the last week Zara has been waking from her sleep arching her back. She has always had wind - I am using infants friend which has been great I would usually burp her about twice during feed and once after keeping her upright and she would go down to sleep and stay there for 4 hours from feed time.

She now vomits more than she used to - was just burps she brought up with her wind previously. I have found she seems to be holding onto her wind longer and just when you think you have got it all I wrap her hold her and pat her and depending on angle she sometimes has more wind or vomits again. Sometimes this can go on for an hour and a half. You find a good angle to hold her on and pat her she nods off to sleep and if you put her on her back she screams and back to square one.

I think that onion may have been affecting my breast milk - I know very common. And the night we had taco's was the worst. Thinking onion and spicy foods not good.

I have appointment for 6 week check tomorrow so I will bring it up with GP then.

Are you breast feeding maybe something you are eating is giving her wind. I am trying to experiment with what I eat to see if that helps. I am also watching this thread for some more ideas.
Hi All

I figured out what was wrong with bubs she has Silent Reflux!!! The Symptoms were showing up more every day so now she is on Losec and it seemst ob e helping smile But she find it hard to settle to sleep at the moment prefers laying upright on us to sleep

Hi VAnessa

Archng of the back could be Reflux I keep away from Dairy, Spicy & Acidic Foods, Caffeine and Alchol smile

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