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wont stay asleep Rss

i feel like a failure, my baby now 9mths was a good sleeper until she was 6 1/2mths now she wakes and i have to get her out of her cot, rock her to sleep before putting her back. i contiune doing this 2 or 3 times before i give up and put her into bed with us. i know this is a bad habit and i dont want her to continue to sleep with us, but i need my sleep to.


Dear Amanda,

Don't feel like a failure as you are doing a wonderful job with our little girl. I think it could be the 6.5 month age group where by they don't seem to sleep well whereas previously they did for weeks and weeks on end. OUr little girl also was a good sleeper from 10 weeks up until 6 months or so with no waking in the night. We have just had about 7 weeks of her waking up in the night, crying, screaming - not too sure why. We took turns in rocking, cuddling trying to get her to sleep again, even having to take her out and play with her at 2:30am for one night whereby playtime lasted around an hour! One bad night between my husband and I we only got around 3 hours sleep total (and she didn't sleep well that next day either!). We didn't put her in our bed to sleep with us, as, like you fear, I didn't want to start up a habit which may have been difficult to break in the future. I don't know what the trick of it was, but we finally managed to get her to start sleeping again with only her waking once for a feed (previously none overnight). Now she is on the move in the cot and starts to stir when she has wriggled out of the blankets at the head end of the cot. I don't know what the trick is it could just be a "phase" perhaps that will pass hopefully sooner than later. We now know why she had such a disruptive sleep pattern, she was teething for those 7 weeks and finally now I can see the little tooth about to come through (her 7th one now). It all makes sense now, but certainly not at the time.

You are not alone in what you are feeling and hopefully your little one will settle down very soon for some urgently needed sleep for you both.
You silly billy, you are far from a failure. It took me until 10 months to get my sh1t in one sock (so to speak) as far as DD's sleeping goes. I found 6 months really hard actually, every-thing seemed to be happening around that time. It does seem like a lot of babies act up then, so don't feel bad. Keep trying all the usual settling things - it will work eventually. I started with all the 'soft' approaches, till at 10 months when I snapped, did 3 nights of control crying. This site is fabulous for providing alternatives. At least you are getting 'live' information from mums dealing with the same issues - rather than a book that is tailoring for every-body.

Chin up, soon enough bubs will settle into a good routine and you will feel like a real person again !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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