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4 mth old constantly rolling on tummy & crying in cot Lock Rss

A couple of weeks ago I posted a topic about my baby rolling around her cot and sometimes squishing her face into the I wish that was still all she's doing!
She is nearly 19 weeks old and last week, she learned how to roll onto her tummy, which is great during playtime, but not so much when she's in her cot.
She constantly rolls onto her tummy when she's put down (whether she's already asleep or not) and then cries because she's stuck and can't roll back again. It doesn't seem like she actually wants to sleep on her tummy because she gets so upset and frustrated as soon as she rolls over, but she won't stop rolling and I'm going in and turning her back over again and again and again (I lost count of how many times I went into her room last night, but needless to say, neither of us has slept well in the last week). I've tried getting her to sleep and then putting her down on her back but that usually doesn't last long either.
Until recently, she has been great at settling herself to sleep in her cot and through the night, but now, her naps are all over the place, especially as it can take about 2 hours to get her settled for a 1 hour nap.
Another problem with her being on her tummy is that it often makes her spit up large amounts of milk (she's on Losec for reflux).
There have been a handful of times that she's stayed asleep on her tummy for a few minutes, but I'm not happy leaving her like that and I know that when she stirs, she'll wake up and cry anyway because she's stuck.
I've been spending lots of her awake time trying to teach her how to roll from tummy to back, but its just not happening yet.
I've also spoken to SIDS advisors and they have said that any sleep positioners or Safe t Sleep are dangerous and not recommended at all, particularly as my baby is already able to roll one way and she will get more frustrated by any restraints. I did try a rolled up blanket once, but that lasted about 5 minutes before she pulled it away in a rage...clearly not safe.
Sorry for writing so much, but if anyone has any suggestions for what to do, I'd love to hear them!
Maybe you could try rolling up some hand towels and putting them under the fitted sheet of her cot so they cant move? You could measure the space she would need by putting her onto the mattress without the sheet on, placing the rolled up hand towels down on either side of her, then remove her and put the fitted sheet on. Just make sure that the towels only come up to just below her shoulders, so that her face doesn't touch them while she's asleep, or if she soes manage to roll over. You might need a few hand towels to achieve the thickness and firmness required to stop her moving? I hope that you figure out something that works for you and your little one. Best of luck! smile

Sounds just like my DD, she started doing that around 4 months and it took her a whole month to learn to roll the other way, but after about 2 weeks she decided she wanted to be a tummy sleeper and I was wrecked with anxiety for months! There really isn't anything you can do. I never used sleep positioners, I think they are dangerous for very mobile babies. In the end we just had to persist for those few weeks and wait for DD to figure out what she wanted to do. It's tiring but hopefully it won't last long

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