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Just wondering when you have started letting your baby/toddler sleep using a pillow. Is there a recommended age?
Not sure about recommended age

My DS #2 is 16 months old and doesn't have a pillow in his cot.
But during day he lays his head on his Elmo pillow in lounge room on his fold out Thomas sofa
My Little one is 15 months old and we gave her a pillow at about 9-12 months! She hated it and slept underneath or at the end of the bed! She still now prefers to sleep with no pillow and stays perfectly in the bed and covers everynight. Whenever we give her a pillow she doesnt like it! So see if your little one likes in and make sure its a small or flatter pillow!

You can buy special toddler pillows which are thinner than those suitable for ollder children and adults
Hi, DS is 21 months and we gave him one a few months ago when he had a cold and I have just left it in the cot to get him used to having one before he goes into a bed. It is a really thin full sized one, but I've put in under the fitted sheet so there's no way he can get smothered under it or anything.

As far as I know the recommended age is 12 months.

I don't remember what age I gave one to my DD, it wasn't quite that young but she was still in a cot, so could have been around 18 months? It is a normal adult one but reasonably thin/flat (which is what I prefer for myself anyway). She really doesn't care whether she has one or not though, and she often just moves down the bed so her head is nowhere near it anyway.
I didn't like the idea of a pillow in the cot, so DD1 didn't get one until she was 3 and went into a big bed. It was just one of those thin toddler pillows and she still has it and she's nearly 6! She won't use a "normal" pillow even though I have tried a few times.

I'm one of those people that believe a lot of us adults only have neck/back issues due to using pillows as it puts us in an unatural position so to be honest I don't care whether she ever uses a big pillow!
mine didn't get pillows til they moved to a normal bed so somewhere around 2 years old, maybe 2.5.
DD2 is still in her cot and I haven't even thought about a pillow!!!
When my first son was born, the advice we were given is they only need a pillow when they are old enough to ask for it.
Like knockonwood said, it is better for their little bodies and spines to sleep flat.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I have a small flat toddler pillow up in the waredrobe that I spotted the other day and it got me wondering when I should give it to DS to try. He is only just turned 1 so I think I will still wait a while. All your information was really helpful...thanks!
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