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My newborn is currently 8wks old and wont settle or sleep in a bassinet or cot. My situation is i have no close family around me for support and my partner works away alot of the time. Im looking for someone who can come to our house during the day to help me with advice and training on getting my little on into his cot or just being able to settle. I've only herd of Tresillian and when I google nothing really comes up! Being on my own bad habits formed for the day he was born. He gernerally sleeps in my arms during the day or in his rocker BUT he only sleeps 30mins... By the time ive had 15mins to myself, try and clean the house hes awake again... At night he sleeps in our bed near me.

Any help on business out there that help in the sydney area would be muchly appreciated!
Hi, first congratulations on the birth of your bub! I don't have any numbers handy at the moment, but do you have your blue book that you were given when your bub was born? (It holds all medical necessary info, vaccinations, etc.) In that book, it has a list of different numbers for different help that you might need. It may have Tresillian in it? Otherwise, do you have a child health nurse or midwife that you could ask for help? All the best!
not sure about having someone come to your house but if you go speak to your early childhood nurse about the settling problems that you are having they can refer you to triscillian or a local sleep school. When DS1 was 12weeks I did a day at Camilia cottage which is connected to Ryde hospital and it was really helpful. You can also ring trisillian in (02) 9787 0855 and they can talk you through tips for settling.
Have you heard of Baby Bliss?
Someone would come to your house and help teach baby how to sleep.
The website is has info on routine and they can do home visits during the day.
It may have some info for you. Not sure if that is what you are looking for.
Hope that helps. Just be consistent and you will get there bub is still very young smile
All the best.
Hi Kandyce,

I attended a seminar with babybliss, they are excellent and highly recommended. I have a copy of their price list which I can send to you (it's not on their website) but the basics are: phone consultation $75, phone consultation with email help for month after $150, 1-2 hour home visit with follow up email help $275, day visit $550 and overnight is $55 an hour. They also have a three day stay where they will basically do all the work and get bub sleeping, it's about $1500 I think.

I had lots of problems with my bubby from when she was born until about 11 weeks (we ended up going to QEII in Canberra). To be honest I think some babies just find it hard to get to sleep without lots of help (rocking, falling asleep in your arms etc. So sweet but you can only do it for so long!). Babybliss will help regardless of age and Jo Ryan (the owner) is a nurse with years of experience. I have recently put her advice into action and it is working really well for our now 4 month baby.

You could start by getting a phone consult and then getting someone to come to your house if you're not making progress.

I know what it's like to be alone with limited assistance. Definitely get some help if you need it, some babies are complex little creatures and if someone else can work yours out for you then go with it!

Good luck xx
Hi ladies,

Thank you all for you advice and help! Sorry its taken me ages to reply magically after posting my son started
Sleeping 6hrs or more at night! Im still struggling to Get him down during the day so i may have to call babybliss.... This week however hes come down with a cold and so everthing that was going right it out the window.

Thanks again!
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