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help with Using a wrap/swaddle to help bub to sleep Lock Rss

hi my DS is 8.5weeks. I have been wrapping him in an old fashioned cloth nappy since he was in the hospital, he seemed to sleep well like this when he was younger and have carried it on. Last couple of nights he keeps getting his arms out more than normal and is now waking himself up all the time like an hour after getting to sleep during the night.

Plunket line reccommended using a muslin wrap instead of the nappy cloth kind as its harder for them to get out.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what kind to get, maybe i need to wrap him a different way. I did hear that aparently you are not meant to wrap them with there arms down by there sides anymore which I am doing, my midwife did wrap him anotehr one one da where it was impossible to get his arms out but they were on his chest but i have no idea how to do that, ill see if i can google some different ways to wrap but now not sure what to go and buy there are so many different kinds of wraps on the market

any advice and help with what has and hasnt worked would be appreciated.

thanks smile
Hi there,

I started off swaddling with a cloth nappy, then a cotton sheet, before bubs starting wriggling her hands out of them and waking herself. When she was around six weeks old, my cousin gave me two of her son's Miracle Wraps to try out and I found them to work really well. Bubs is now four months and she knows that it's time for a feed and then a sleep as soon as I wrap her in the Miracle Wrap.
I know that some people swaddle with the hands peeking out over the top so baby can suck on their hands to pacify themselves and I haven't heard anything about not wrapping with arms down their sides. Maybe it's not the best when they start to turn/roll cos then they won't be able to push off. I got a brochure from The Sleep Store in one of my packs which had instructions on how to swaddle. Maybe Google them cos I would probably confuse you if I tried to give you my version.

Hope this helps.
Hi! congrats on the new bubba!
Both my boys were escape artists when it came to wraps, I was shown to wrap in a cot sheet, or if that's too big try a cotton or waffle wrap blanket, lay it out flat then fold the top down about a hands-breadth. lay your little one in the middle just off centre. tuck the right hand under the folded part and wrap the rest around their body, and repeat with the other hand and wrap around. then fold the excess from below their feet from beneath to over the top of their legs and tuck around behind their legs. make sure you keep the hands either across their chest or next to their shoulders - I found they wouldn't escape as easily with their arms there. The reason to not wrap their hands down by their sides is because of SIDS, when they start to roll they cannot push their head up or roll back.

Try different things, see what works best for you and your bubba. I ended up using the love to dream wrap me ups as my youngest just would not stay wrapped! lol.
Good Luck!

l'd agree with Mama Jellybean about folding down the top of the wrap and popping bubs arm/hand under the fold. We bought muslin material from Spotlight to make our own to the right size.

However, with my 3rd bub, whilst in the hospital we found out she only liked to be wrapped with her fists out. Looking back, all of her ultrasound photo's showed her with her fists near her mouth! It was hard initially because of the startle reflex, but she learnt over a few days what it was all about and has slept well ever since.

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