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Feeding to sleep/HELP Rss

I just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else I think I have finally realised I am feeding my 12 month old to sleep, is anyone else had this experience and if so how do you get out of it preferably with out controlled crying.
He has 3 bottles during the day ( only 140mls) and falls asleep on them and he is still waking at night and feeding , I originally thought feed him at night when he wakes because he wasn't drinking enough milk during the day but it looks like I have created a bad pattern.
He is not a big baby so it's not the milk that concerns me it's the waking at night 3-4 times , I have tried water but that doesn't work it seems I give him a bottle and he goes straight back to sleep.I have also tried controlled crying that worked for a couple of weeks but then he got sick and we were back to square one. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas anything would be apprectiated.

BEK mum 2 Jasper and Eloise


I have a 9mth old and I to (bf) feed her to sleep as she sleeps with us as well although that is not really the problem she wakes at lest 8 times a night. Anyway I bought this book yesterday called the no cry sleep solution written by Elizabeth Pantley, I must say that I have used the methods in this book with positive results already.......its fantastic. It just makes so much sense. It will give you insight as to why your bub is waking and how to deal with the probs of sleep. It is great because you don't have to let them cry. You also could go to this is a wonderful forum......get the book you will be suprised.... Just love them how can that be wrong.

Good luck

Kylie mama 2 Summah now 9.5 mths

Hey bec,

I know just how you feel, I had a very similar story to yours. How's it going now?? Anyway, maybe this info can help a little.

We had heaps of trouble with Alynta when she hit about 5 1/2 months and stopped sleeping through. As a result of this and me getting tired I got lazy and started pulling her into bed with me then we'd both fall off to sleep. The problems really started when she wasn't able to go back to sleep without being in bed with me andwithout a feed. The tireder I got, the worse the problem got and she began waking even more (anywhere from 3 to 8 times in a night) Both she and I got tireder and grumpier until finally a friend loaned me a book called 'Babywise' when Ally was about 8months.

What a Godsend, it guides you through what they call PDF or Parent Directed Feeding and within 1 1/2 - 2 wks, she was not only sleeping through, but was also having structured daytime sleeps aswell. Oh Happy family! With PDF, they do teach you to allow them to cry a little, but it isn't the same as a normal 'controlled crying method'. I was adverse to the idea of controlled crying myself, but once I had a better understanding of sleep routines etc., it really helpped and even though it was hard at times, it was well worth the payoff.

Alynta is now just over 12months and everything is still going great because the book helped us learn and lay some basic foundations. Her grandparents are amazed at the difference in her and our sanity has been saved. It also solved our clinginess problems.

You may need also to check out the second in the series which is Babywise 2 and deals with 6 - 15 month olds more specifically, but the first one will give you all the foundational info you need.

Hope this helps, would love to know how you go. If you want anymore info, let me know.
Hi Shani
Thanks heaps for your advice, I am about to look that book up on the net, I will try anything.Do you know the author?
My bub who has just turned one is still waking 3 - 4 times a night and like you I have become over it and he comes into bed with us , which sometimes makes matters worse, if he just went straight back to sleep I wouldn't see it as a problem but he wriggles and worms around us, and then no-one gets any sleep.
It's nice to know you went through the clinginess as well we are slowly getting over that now, I say that as my bub is climbing up my leg whilst I type.Great.
I will let you know how I go.Thanks heaps

BEK mum 2 Jasper and Eloise

Hey again Bek,

How did you go finding the book?? The authors are Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam. And the complete title is "On Becoming Baby Wise".

I was looking it up for another lady the other night and found it on both Angus and Robertson and Collins Bookseller sites. Both were sourcing it from the US though. Another place I found it is a national Christian bookstore site and they had it cheaper 'cause they seemed to have it in stock. The link is: . It isn't actually working at this moment, 'cause I just tried it, but normally just do an all products search for the full title.

Also I found some copies on E-Bay they were from the US too, but were quite cheap (they all seemed to be the '98 release version though - the newest revision is 2001).

I know exactly what you mean about no-one getting any decent sleep once they're in the bed with you. Funniest thing is Ally's been having a couple of not so good nights since I posted the othernight. I think she's cutting more teeth - don't you just wish you could ask them 'what's wrong' and get an answer. tongue I wish! Anyway, it's most helpful to have some solid grounding about what to do to fall back on.

Oh, also I was having a look at the website that is actually for the whole series of books. They don't retail from it, but incase you're interested it is,

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.

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