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Unwrapping Rss


I have a beautiful DS who is just over 5 months old. I am still wrapping him but would like to stop this as I want to put him in a sleeping bag at night as the nights are getting colder.
Yesterday I tried wrapping him with one out and what a diaster that was! Usually he has 2 x 2hr sleeps and one of about 30min to 1 hr, however, yesterday he slept for 1hr, then 1.5hr, then 30mn!!
Last night I was a wreck so I gave in and wrapped him so that he could get some sleep.
How have other mothers 'unwrapped' their babies? Has it been the 3 nights with one arm out then the other, or both at once?
Would love some advice.

Yvonne, WA, Beautiful Baby Boy 29/11/2005

Hi there,

I dont know if im going to be much help but I just went cold turkey with Aiden.. He was almost 7 months and wriggling out of his wraps so one day I just decided thats it and put him into a sleeping bag.. There were a few teething problems but he got used to it after about 2 days.. could you try wrapping him then putting him in a sleeping bag to keep him warm?

Try during the day maybe both arms out? and see how he goes.

Sorry I wasn't much help..

Good luck & let me know how you go


i rang sid and kids as i to wanted to use the sleeping bags at 5 months
they said it was a fantrastic idea as at 5 months they learn to roll ans if their wrapped and roll it could be awful!!!!!

Lillie was always fine with unwrapping which i know os no help lol lol
um they suggest u wrap them from the waist down for a few nights,but your bubs really seems to hate the arms out thing?????
i really have no advice soory mabey if you called the maternal health line they might have some good advice


Lillie....1 year old!!!

I was wrapping Nina at 12 months still(big mistake Ana).

I went cold turkey, within a few days she was back to normal sleeping!!
Hey Yvonne - I so hear you. I had a few nights like yours with the unwrapping. A few times I ended up re-wrapping, seemed easier. At 6 months I finally decided to follow through and it worked. I did the gradual unwrap, one arm out for a few nights, then two arms out for a few nights etc. It can be pretty rough, takes a bit for them to adjust. I wouldn't go both at once, think it can be tougher on them.

Another option is to just skip the wrap altogether in the day time, let bub adjust over a week or so - then start the gradual unwrap at night. Some say it can confuse bubs, DD was fine with that approach - but they are all different.

If you are really keen to unwrap, stick it out - wont take bubs too long to get use to 'being free' to roam the cot. If you aren't ready, then leave it a couple of weeks and try again. Some bubs have been wrapped for upto 1 years old - so its not like you have to do it, if its stressing you out.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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