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I know I shouldnt complain, but... Rss


My DD never used to sleep throught the night used to wake anywhere from 2 -5 time. After reading Tizzy halls book she now sleeps through every nite and God I love it. Lately she is waking up later and later she is asleep by 7 and this morning I woke her at 8:15 so we werent late for school. Anyway she now doesnt sleep fantastically during the day. She has two 1 - 1 1/2 hour naps, where she was having 2 - 21/2 hours. Should I be happy with this - ie is she getting enough sleep during the day. I am sure she is getting enough sleep my only concern is she usally wakes from her afternoon nap by 2:30 and its a tough battle to keep her awake AND entertained until 7!! But I cant put her down later because I have to pick my son up from school at 3:15! Any suggestions

PS Please dont hate me because she sleeps well at night - I had 8 months of interupted sleep! LOL

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

i guess as they get older they dont need as many naps
Lillie used to go down for 4x 1 hour naps
now shes cut one out herself
sleeps a tad better at nite though
i have to wake her at 7am , otherwise she'd sleep in


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi there,

Yeah as they get older they need less sleep during the day to enable them to sleep well at night.

Babies can only sleep for a certain amount of hours in any 24hour period. And you dont really want them sleeping heaps during the day for this reason.

How old is your little one?

Khiarah, my daughter, sleeps in the day for about 3-4 hours usually only an hour at the most and this works fine for us.

Khiarah will also wake at about 2.30 and knowing that she wont be able to stay wake and happy till its bed time, I look for tired signs at about 4.30/5 and then try and let her go, but if she asleep for any longer then 30 mins i wake her. And shes fine, then will go down at about 6.30/7 because she has not had a 'full' sleep for her last nap. From there she sleeps till about 6/7 in the morning.

glad you are finally getting some sleep, good for you smile

But I wouldn't be too worried, sounds like she is sleeping just fine


Hi Jac
So good to hear bub is still sleeping good at night! Jeb too over the past week or so has started sleeping in longer....8:30 the other morning!! I find that if he does sleep past 7:30ish it stuffs his day sleeps up a bit, mainly the afternoon. Anyway, this is his basic day (roughly)...
7am - wake
7:30am - breaky
9am - bottle
10:15/30am - sleep
11:30/12 - wake
12:30pm - lunch
2:15pm - bottle
3:30pm - sleep
4:30/5pm - wake
5:30pm - tea
6pm - bath
6:45pm - bottle
7:15pm bed
This works pretty good for us and Jeb has about 1.5 hours sleep twice a day which seems to be just right for him. He seems comfortable with 3-4 hours awake time between sleeps. I hope you can work something out with to suit Tijana. Good luck smile
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