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Hi guys,
This has probably been on here a lot, this is my 2nd bubs and like her big sister 2 weeks old and all of a sudden she is having screaming matches for hours at night and hardly sleeping during the day but she's not screaming at daytime only nights. We have tried giving her a warm bath,dummy,rocking,shooshing in her ear, putting her on my chest which she will sometimes settle but I can't put her back coz she will wake up. I'm thinking she has colic and I booked in for the chiro in a few days which we had great success with our first. But other than that I'm all out of ideas. I hate not being able to help her and I feel so guilty the next day for being so exhausted and occupied with bubs that my toddler isn't getting as much attention. Any help/experiences would be great. Thank you
I can't quote from experience but sounds to me like she has colic, my niece did the same thing. Sorry I don't really have any suggestions for you.
At only 2 weeks is your milk properly established assuming you are bf? My girl is still pretty unsettled at 9 weeks but was TERRIBLE at 2 weeks (see all my posts). Turns out nothing at all was wrong with her she was just temperamental. She may have had a bit of wind or something, but it didn't seem to be anything specific. My milk did take a while so for the first 3 weeks she was frustrated, and took a while to get back to birth weight.

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