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11 week old won't nap during the day Lock Rss

My Son is now 11 1/2 weeks old and sleeps 12 hours each night but won't nap during the day. He goes in his bed but just cries as soon as he's put down. We have tried patting him gently to soothe him while he's still in his bed but as soon as we walk out he cries again. He falls asleep in his bouncer with no trouble but just won't settle in his bed during the day. Any suggestions ?


If he'll sleep in the bouncer I'd let him do that. If he's sleeping 12 hrs overnight I wouldn't mess with that too much! My ds1 wasn't much of a day sleeper early on but slept all night. Once I accepted that he just wasn't much of a day sleeper I was much less stressed and just went with it.
Every baby is different, I even have a friends who's bub sleeps so much she has to be woken for a bottle & change. It's good that bub sleeps at night as it means more rest for you and if he prefers the bouncer let him sleep in it during the day. smile x


Thanks everyone. Yeh I am definitely pleased with his night sleeps. He seems to get so overtired during the day though and one nap would help him so much. The only problem with sleeping in his bouncer is they are really short naps.

How long are you keeping him awake between naps? Could he be getting over tired and then hard to settle? I found this often happened with my son and then he would be unsettled all day long.

At this age they generally should only be awake about 1.5 hours maximum at a time then down for a nap. Generally the aim is 2 long naps (at least 1.5-2 hours) and then one cat nap (45mins) in the late avo.

So for example:

7am wake
8.30am 1st nap
10.30am wake
12 noon 2nd nap
2pm wake
3.30pm 3rd nap (short one)
4.15pm wake
then the usually have a wakeful period in the late avo/evening then bed time 7pm.

My dd catnaps all day. I have tried everything to lengthen her day sleeps but I just accept that she won't sleep more than 45min at a time during the day. She feeds roughly every 2 hours so I think that's why she won't nap for long. She often naps in the bouncer during the day. She has taken long naps rarely in the bouncer, so I don't think putting him in bed will help. At his age tresillian told me that they will sleep 12-16 hrs a day. Looks like he gets most of that at night and maybe is happy to have a catnap every 1.5 hrs in the day??

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