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Im going to lose my SHHHHH...Anyone awake??? Lock Rss

Chalys, I think you misunderstood my post. I have no idea how old the ops bub is and no idea what they have tried. I was in part addressing the previous post who gave the impression that feeding their bub to sleep was wrong, but working. If its working and people are happy with it, what's wrong with it? In the ops case, if feeding to sleep works (no idea if it does) and the alternative is having the entire family with no sleep - including the baby, how is that worse?

I know you had sleep issues with your first and I know you believe that your new method is what made the difference. Chances are your first may have had issues regardless of your technique and your little man may have ok either either way.

Me saying its ok to feed to sleep or cosleep isn't me saying anyone that doesn't is wrong or being horrible. It's saying exactly what I wrote. It is ok to do it. It won't guarantee bad sleep habits forever and it may help.
It isn't anything personal against you or anyone else at all in exactly the same way people thinking supporting bf is against ff. sad

My nearly 11month old was like that only a few days ago, we tried the CIO method it didn't work and it broke our hearts, I purchased a sleep sack I think they are called, have her cot next to our bed, she has a dummy too, placed her in the cot said goodnight sweetheart turned on the lullabies and sat on my bed watching her and placed my hand on her lightly so she felt comforted, it took about 20 mins the first time constantly putting her down when she tried to get up, next time took me 15 mins or so exact same thing, then again and again being consistent with it, she has now slept in her own cot for the last few nights naps included, I can tell you hubby and I are so happy we finally are able to sleep, how long it lasts for who knows but will continue with what I'm doing. Good luck OP I know the feeling.
Yes you guys are saying if feeding to sleep is working then that's ok. But feeding to sleep is NOT working for the op which is why I said that.

I didn't particularly want to keep harping on in this thread all day so I'll say this and then go back to my life that I've been enjoying lately... Maybe it will help you girls understand what I was saying. I was not trying to attack you all, sometimes I think that just by having an opposing opinion you girls get all offended and read into it in a completely different way than intended.

So here goes.. When I was not coping with dd I had different people say these exact words to me;

"It doesn't last forever, just enjoy them while they're little"

"I rocked all my babies to sleep and I loved it"

"I fed all my babies to sleep and I loved it"

"Before you know it she'll be all grown up and you'll wish you could go back to this point"

(Just to quote a fraction of the things that were said)

As the person going through what felt like a nightmare, these comments made me feel like I was a failure. I'd think to myself If other people did this and got through it why couldn't i? I felt pressured by family members saying that crying it out is cruel, and at that point I didn't know another way to do it other than going back to feeding to sleep. Those comments were condescending, belittling and unhelpful. I needed someone to say yes, it's hard work and I understand.

That's where I'm at.

I personally reckon you need to try all different ways, if CIO works then yah, if it doesn't and you don't feel comfortable then try something else, we as mums are all different what works for one persons baby may not work for another, it all comes down to advice, that is what I have used in my crusade to get bubs to sleep I have been shattered or feeling down or angry and wanted different advice, so dont take things to personally in my humble opinion, we all need help and support every now and then.
It is not wise to assume that others do not know what the OP is going through. My DD is now 16 months and I have not had a full night sleep in that time and no longer than 4 hours in one stretch. She now sleeps with me from about 1am. I am not complaining... This is our choice. Yes I get exhausted as I also work full time. I personally do not care about what others think so my advice is do what works. Some people want reassurance and some want advice..... They can take want they want from the responses.
Chalys, you've always have really good advice. I think it was just a bad idea to suggest that somebody does not comment on a thread. It leaves you open to misinterpretation and makes it sound like you value your own advice above the other ladies in the thread. I think when you're that desperate to find something that works any and every bit of advice is appreciated. smile

Hi chalys. I hope you are going ok.
The op hasn't said feeding to sleep isn't working. She has just said she wakes when she goes to put her back to bed.

Nobody has made any comments like your examples. They have just said they had a rough time too and this worked for them.

I read the original post as none of the techniques were working, but feeding worked until she was moved. I am suggesting minimising this.

I hope you are ok. It's unlike you to leap in and assume people are belittling or attacking when they aren't. I have seen plenty of your sleep threads where you haven't reacted this way. I hope everything is alright and maybe it's just a rough day...
Also, I think you know that I don't get offended by oppoSing opinions. grin
To get sleep in our house, when DS2 wakes up (could be anywhere between 9.30pm and 5am!) he has a bottle and then I just put him in our bed and he sleeps until morning 90% of the time. We've had the odd night where he hasn't settled well or wakes up far too early but in general I am getting way more sleep than if I was trying to get him to settle in the cot again. He's 16 months and we have done this since he was 8 months old.

Hey i haven't read all the replies but I had the same problem. I had my dd waking every 2 hours more or less for 7 months. I did sleep school around 4 weeks ago and it has changed my life. I was depressed and felt like a zombie most the time. It was through Karitane and medicare covered it. I know you said you couldn't afford it, but in total I only had to pay a boarding/food fee of $129, bubs was fully covered my medicare and they provided solid food for the babies too. You'd probably spend the same on groceries for the time you are away, so totally worth it and the wait wasn't long at all. I don't know what they have in WA but there should be similar. I can send you more about their settling technique if you want to private message me (just send a follow request). Dd is now sleeping through the night 99% of the time and has 2 naps during the day.

Tickled*pink wrote:
Also- we stopped putting her to bed early and waited until she was asleep. So some nights that wasn't until 11pm. It sounds crazy- but it worked for us. Because I was staying home anyway we would sleep in until 11am some mornings.

Not crazy at all - I do the exact same thing with DD now! tongue I don't put her to sleep at a set time (I figure it's pointless trying to put her to sleep if she's not ready) but it's usually between 9-11pm. I then as you do, keep catching up on sleep in the morning. I often feel as if I have wasted the day but you do what you need to do to stay sane! DF makes the odd comment like "and what time did you two get up this morning? 12?" roll eyes but whatever - I know he'd be a zombie with the broken sleep I get and I'm sure he does get it (I hope) - he just likes to take the mickey.

I've only been a mummy for 4mths so I don't have any techniques mastered but this is what I do (I'm sure you've tried it all anyway though so sorry if this is annoying - I think it's good to read what other mums do though). I've also never read and followed any techniques. Everything I do is just instinct I guess.

For getting DD to sleep, I firstly make sure she's comfortable (nappy change, new clothes, fed...). I then try different things (with her already in the cradle). I usually start with things like a story, the dummy, singing, 'shhing', staring longingly into her eyes etc. to calm her. And then when she's calm, I avoid eye contact and talking, keep everything quiet/dark etc. and be persistent with popping the dummy back in if she spits it out. If she's being difficult for some time, I take her out of the cradle, try to bob her to sleep with her ear on my chest so she can hear my heartbeat and pat her bottom - it can take awhile! I wait until she's had her eyes closed and breathing has slowed for a bit before attempting to put her back into the cradle and then put the dummy in asap when she starts rousing from me moving her - usually does the trick. If THAT doesn't work either, I walk around the house quietly with her 'shhing' when she makes noise - I literally do laps of the house and eventually that works (your bub might be too old for this!).

Breastfeeding as you mentioned can be great to send them off to sleep - if DD starts rousing as I put her back in the cradle, I put the duummy in quickly and hold it there for about 10secs - she usually then takes it and falls back to sleep. Also, I have only done it once to calm her to sleep but the pram works wonders - as does a car trip if you're desperate (haven't done this one yet but DD's out like a light every time we put her in the car).

Once again, a lot of this might not be relevant to you because I think your bub is older. Either way, I think all mummies understand to some extent what you're going through. Also, with confidence from other Huggies mums on here, I had a co-sleep nap with my DD today and it was lovely - she slept SO much better than what she does on her own during the day! Anyway, I wish you many zzz's and all the best smile

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