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Hi, my little man is 10wks old & will not settle. He is quite often awake for hours on end with small 10min naps...after taking me 45mins of settling him! He is my second so having a toddler too makes this process near impossible. (The other day he didn't have more than 1.5hr sleep in 11hrs & that was spread out over all that time!)I went to a sleep dr & he gave me the tools & info I need to help him learn to self settle.. But..when baby is already overtired I don't get anywhere! I'm only keeping him up for 1hr max but it doesn't seem to matter.. However at night (once finally settled due to pure exhaustion) he will sleep 5-6hrs straight, which is nice but I need more settled sleep during the day!!..can anyone relate or have they been there & can shed some light?? Appreciate any advice!
I am going through the same thing right now, though maybe not as bad as you! My little one sleeps ok at night, he'll have a good 4 to sometime 6hrs straight before having a feed then going back to sleep. But during the day is another story. He cat naps. At most we might get an hr out of him at a time. But once he wakes up, that's it. He won't go back to sleep. He expects to be fed again, even if its been an hr since his last feed!
Today I tried really hard to read his 'sleepy' cues, and I succeeded twice. But this afternoon/this evening has been a disaster, and what worked this morning is not working tonight!
So no advice, but lots of sympathy!!!
Any time of the day so he can settle down and relax.
Fristly my advice is give him a warm bath with some claming bath oil and enjoy the moment together speak to him.
Second my advice is give him a gentle body massage after the warm bath.
Good Luck.
Let me know how you go.
Is it a recent thing or has it been going on for a few weeks?
My DD was exactly the same so hopefully i can offer you some good advice smile
Firstly you may find it helpful to read up on Dr Harvey Karps 5 S's technique here
Try to darken the room as much as possible, put on white noise - a radio tuned to static works well or there are apps for the phone you can download, follow the 5's technique above & persist with it and be consistent every sleep time.
Hope this helps.
Good luck
My DD is the same! She is 12 weeks and is a cat napper. She does sleep 12 hours at night, usually 9-10 then a feed then straight back down for a few more and I have just come to terms with her not being a day sleeper. I use the reassurance technique with her, where I do and say the same thing every time I put her in her bed, she is usually asleep within 10-15 minutes now, which is much better than the crying for hours no matter what I did Which used to happen, but she still won't stay asleep for more than about 45mins at a time, especially in The afternoon.

They say a habit takes a few days to make so try a consistent sleep routine and I really hope he starts settling better for you.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the replies & advice ladies!
It's been happening for nearly 2 weeks now.
I wonder if anyone else also has a baby that hates being cradled? Yet if I persist it's the only way they get to sleep within 45 mins! My other son hated it too! sad
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