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Top up feed at 10 months Lock Rss

Hi, I am wondering if it is best to keep giving my daughter a top up feed at night.

She has previously been wrapped every night to go to sleep. the other night she went from 10:30 - 7 which was the best sleep she has ever done.

Then she has been getting herself out of the wrap and I think waking herself up. So last night ditched the wrap, she was alright until 4.

I also gave her a top up, but now that she is out of the wrap she wakes easier.

Is it disturbing her sleeping patterns to have the top up? Should I not give her one since after all she is 10 months old? I just want to sleep.
Well done for ditching the wrap, thats a big step - although, probably bigger for you than bubs lol. It shouldn't take too long for your DD to get use to being 'free' to roam the cot. Its sort of hard to judge when you should go in to her, or when you should give her a bit longer - to see if she will self settle. Are you using a sleeping bag?

As for the top up, I went cold turkey between 7pm and 7am (ish) when DD was 10 months. I had fed 4 hourly till then, had a gutful so used control crying for 3 nights. Worked like a charm (thank goodness). Anyway, I think its a good time to stop the top-up. Your DD may protest though, so you have to be prepared for that - if you choose to stop it. They don't need that feed, so its purely about habbit/comfort.

Other than cold turkey, you could try offering some water. Although it didn't work for my DD, it may work for your bub. Best of luck, hope you get some good long nights sleep soon.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Im in the same position, still wrapping and DD wakes during the night- have tried everything, re-wrapping, rocking, patting on back, music to get her back to sleep, she wont- she must be hungry, because she drinks 140ml at either 2am or 3am then normally goes back to bed. Maybe they are really hungry- who really knows hey>>??

Good luck
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