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7 month old still feeding overnight Lock Rss

Hi all

My 7 month old boy is waking around 5-5:30am each night and I can't get him to settle unless I feed him. He just seems interested in a feed and isn't wide awake wanting to play or anything. My MCHN says at this age he is quite capable of sleeping right through, but it seems no one told him that!

Last night I tried controlled crying for 45 mins. He would settle for 5 mins or so but would start crying again. Eventually I gave up and fed him. He went straight to sleep after and woke at 8am.

Does anyone else's 7 month old still wake for 1 overnight feed? Am I being unreasonable thinking he should sleep all the way through? Or at this age is it just a habit that I need to encourage him to break?

Thanks smile
I went to Karitane (sleep school) when dd was 7 months. And they said up to 2 feeds a night was pretty normal until 10 months for some babies.

They would try and resettle for a while, but if the baby didn't respond at all then they were most likely hungry and would encourage a feed. 5-5.30 sounds about right too because he would have had a decent sleep until then, so he probably just can't wait any longer for a feed. He'll probably stretch this out in a couple of months, so I would just continue to feed.

I think it's normal! My DD is 7mths on Wednesday and she is waking more than that (usually 2-3 times a night for a feed). What time does he go to bed?

Wah now I feel really bad for control crying him last night! sad Sounds like I shouldn't be trying to wean this feed yet.

To those who asked, he goes to bed at 7:30pm, with a feed right before it. I did try dream feeding a few times, but it didn't seem to prolong the 5am wake up.

Thanks for your replies. I think I will just feed him after 5-10 mins if settling doesn't work smile
My 14 month old still wakes at night once, sometimes several times, so I will feed him back to sleep. So I wouldn't worry too much about your ds waking up once in a night. Sorry not too much help! smile

My babies were feeding more than once a night at 7 months, and if they wake at 5-5.30am that is morning. I would have been absolutely stoked if they were sleeping that long at 7 months. If he goes straight back to sleep then why bother trying to re-settle when you can just give him a feed, he'll definitely be hungry by that time.

Not sure what happened but the last 2 nights after I posted this, he has slept right through (8pm-7am). I didn't do anything differently and was planning to follow your advice and feed him. I'm counting my lucky stars!! And wondering how long it will last lol wink
I hope he keeps it up for you! I weaned DD off night feeds when she was about 8-9 months old ( I can't remember exactly). It only took 2 night and only a couple hours each night and she was fantastic after that smile
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