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Silly question about standing 11 month old Lock Rss

I have read all the articles about reassuring baby you are there, then letting them cry for 2min, going back in, leaving 5 minutes etc.... but what if 11month old is standing every time? Do you lay them down again or do you just let them stand in the cot???
I used to lay DD down so she knew it was sleep time smile
I would just lay DD down again and walk out. No talking.

I didn't really do much cry it out/controlled crying, I couldn't really handle it, but on the occassions that I did I would lay them down each time. One thing to look out for, if standing is relatively new to them, is that learning to get down from standing isn't that easy so you may find that there are times where the cry is different because they're standing but want to sit down and don't know how to. I didn't just lay them straight down when I'd go in, I'd guide them down to the sitting position and then lay them down from there. I figured that way they were learning how to get down safely from standing and it gradually addressed the need to go in to them because they were standing and wanted to get back down but couldn't.

My boys were never big standers but I'd lay them down. What worked for ds2 was telling him firmly that it's sleep time. Dh especially had the magic touch.

thanks heaps for your responses. After laying him down for the upp-teenth time last night, only to have him standing up again before I even got to leave to room, I was starting to question if I was doing the right thing!
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