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6 month old wont eat solids and losing weight Lock Rss

Ok so me and my partner have noticed our bub has lost a lot a weight she sleeps 12 or so hours we don't wake her as she will not go back to sleep or she will be awake every hour or so, she's 6 months getting her checked next week when she goes for her needles, but I don't know if she she's not getting fed enough she won't eat anything apaart from her bottles and she has 210, she just spits the other food out and screams :/ is that why she could be losing weight? My 4 year old was not like this when he was 6 months I just don't know ....
How much does she drink over 24 hrs?
If she's 6 months have you transitioned onto the next formula yet? (In NZ they generally have formula 0-6 months then 6-12 months dunno if it's the same there? )
How much weight do you think she's lost and what is she currently? (Sorry for all the questions!)
Re food she just might not be ready. Perhaps she'd prefer to be in control of it herself and be a "baby led weaning" baby (Google for food ideas), basically food she feeds herself.
Good to get her checked over, for peace of mind if nothing else smile
Hi she has probably 4 bottles and its usually 210 each bottle, yeah she's on the second stage 6-12 month one I'm not sure how much weight she has lost she barely fits in 000 there loose on her, not sure what she is as she is getting her needles and check up next week last time we weighed her she was 5.2 I think but she's growing like in long wise and getting heavier she just looks skinny

Yeah I might try that but she s not fussy with holding things or putting things in her mouth apart from her hands lol
Just a little wee dot. I have one of those smile
As for growth charts - is she tracking along the same line? Regardless of what line (all lines are healthy lines!) and you could be right - she might just be long and look skinny because of it! She's drinking a good amount in a day.
Unsure how the referral process works in oz but you could be ask to be referred to a dietician once any other medical issues have been ruled out. They can advise on increasing the calories in milk if that's what's needed.
In oz do you have those dissolvable wafers called baby mum mums? Gave one to my friends 7 month old the other day, his first one ever and he demolished it then cried for more.
Let us know how you get on smile
Yeah she is, yeah I didnt think of that,
yeah im not sure either how they work il ask when I go in,
but were gonna get her weighed at the chemist today, hopefully get an eye on how much she has lost will let you know how that goes, if its to much were takin her to the doctors this week.

Yeah are they like ricecrackers or something thay melt kinda like rusk stick things if so yeah she held one but dropped it lol she sucked on it dont think she liked it
Just keep offering food now and again but without any pressure or force - keep it fun!
And yeah keep us in the loop smile
Yeah il try that smile
and I will smile
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