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Has anyone used the grobag sleeping bag? Lock Rss

I have heard about how good the grobags are but im not sure about them.Do you still use any blankets on top? Do they still make baby feel secure in just a sleeping bag?I would of thought that having there arms out in open wouldnt make them secure and warm.My boy is 4months old and i have just stopped wrapping him.If anyone has got any advice on these i would appreciate it.Thankyou


vickie,sa,8week old

growbags are a wonderful idea but i must let you know they wills set you back about $80!!!
i bought sleeping bags from target at $20 each
pretty happy with myself!!!
coz its so cold ATM i pop Lillie in her wondersuit,then in her sleeping bag,then i pop 1 blanket over her,it doesnt matter if you dont use a blakent though,the bags are very warm

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I bought one of these for my son when he was born but have used it more for my daughter. I usually put her into a wondersuit and then the grobag witha blanket over her depending on the temp. When you purchase they include a thermometer advising on best nightclothes to wear with grobag with the temp. My kids have had the best nights sleep when in these bags. Unfortunately I can no longer use it as they are both too big for it. It looks like I will have to invest in another one.

Cindy, Qld, 4Yo & 6mnth old

We purchased a grow bag, and I have found that they are not all that warm. I still wrap our 4 month old and will then put her in the grow bag, and then will also put another blanket on top of this.


Hi Vickie,

I use a grobag for my 8 month old, have been doing so since she was 5 months. I found that it stopped her from getting cold and waking up when she wriggled out of her blankets. I put her in flannel pjs and have the room temp at 18 degrees and she sleeps around 9 hours straight. If you don't want to buy one through the internet, baby bunting stock them and you wont have to pay postage. The bag is also so big it will last until she is 18 months, so a good investment.

Georgia, Vic

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