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Do you use sleeping bags with bedding (sheets &/or blankets)?? Lock Rss

Hello everyone

We are in the process of transitioning our 19wk son from swaddle to sleeping bag.

We are unsure of the bedding system to use when he finally gets into the bag. Do people use the bag by itself or with sheets/blankets for extra warmth and security to prevent them rolling around? Thinking this would also help them feel safe and secure in bed but doesn't it defeat the purpose of the SIDS safe sleeping bags?

Thanks in advance! smile
I used to use a sleeping bag and then swaddle in a light wrap and then the cot would be made up at the bottom as per safe SIDS. They would then go to bed with sheet and blanket over the top. Then in summer they would be in a light sleeping bag with at least a sheet over the top. My kids were wrapped till they were about at least 6 month old.

I use a merino sleep sack, long sleeved pjs and singlet. no blankets but have the room heated to 20 degrees. Check the tog rating info on the sleep sack. DDs been in it pretty much since birth. Never swaddled as she preferred her arms free and up by her face.

I used an ErgoPouch and it said NOT to use any blankets as there's a danger in over-heating. If you have the correct TOG rating for your climate you shouldn't need extra blankets anyway.
We always used something over the top, even if it was just a light sheet so that he felt more secure smile

We used a GroBay which was 2.5 tog and just dressed bub accordingly underneath. Didn't put blankets over the top.

When we went from swaddling (when my son first rolled at about 3-4 months) we transitioned to sleeping bags. He is now 2 yo and we still use sieeping bags today. I found that the Plub and gro bag brands to be the best that I used and as they got older the zip down front ones.
I use sheets and blankest and have since two one, as she wouldn't sleep when swaddled. She sleeps at the bottom half of the cot and have never used a bassinet either

Hey what do you think about weighted blanket? I recently read an article about it on and wondered whether after that to buy ordinary blankets ? These blankets win in every way I would like to know your opinion are they worth the money and whether it is possible to replace with them all that heap of blankets which are stored at us in houses?
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