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  5. My 5 month old catnapping during the day is driving me insane! Help!

My 5 month old catnapping during the day is driving me insane! Help! Lock Rss

My 5 month old has been catnapping during the day since she was 3 months old, napping for one sleep cycle of 30-45 min only. Then she'll wake screaming. I've tried many things

She sleeps ok overnight requiring only one feed so I'm ok with that, and I know she can resettle overnight. For her naps she is swaddled, in a darkened room, and put down awake and self-settles to sleep ok. I play a lullaby CD on loop. I let her stay up for 2 hours from her last nap (eg. if she wakes at 7am her next nap is 9am).

When she wakes after one sleep cycle I give her some time to try resettle, but she never does. Shushing, rocking the bassinet, patting doesn't work, only make her angrier. When I pick her up she often still tired but just won't sleep, even cuddling her in my arms rocking rarely works and she's getting so heavy! I get her up but she will only play happily by herself for a little while then she cries needs being held. I get nothing done and it's driving me insane! Help!
Sorry to say my DD2 cat napped until she was 12 mths old and dropped to 1 midday sleep. While most 8 mth olds would have 2 day time sleeps my DD2 would have 3 to 4 cat naps. It wasn't easy but I had to just go with it. So no advice but you aren't the only one.
Hi, I can't be of any help either. My six month old catnaps, and has done since about 1 month. He will have a maximum of 40 minutes, if we're lucky, usually only about 30 minutes. I too was frustrated with the lack of time to do anything, but accepted a while ago that that is him, and I am here for him, so I work around it, and use my time when he is awake more productively (and quickly).
I fought the 30 minute naps by stretching wake times and ignoring the early bedtime advice...I think some babies just need less sleep. By having slightly longer than average wake times at 5 months, and going to bed between 8:15 and 8:45, my kiddo went from 4:30 minute naps to 2:90 minute naps with no other changes. And was much better for it!

About month ago, she started the 30 minute naps again for a few days, so I immediately lengthened her wake times, and we're back to good napping and less crabbiness.
Mine has always been a catnapper and still is at 17 months. I even did a 4 night stay at Karitane and nothing has helped sorry !

My almost 4mth old is the same. She has slept thru the night at least 2 or 3 times a week for the last 1.5mths which is great. But at present she sleeps pretty much 8pm to 7am, then has a nap for about 45mins around 9.30. After that she tends to cat nap mostly while feeding which is exceedingly annoying. If I take her for a walk in the park in the afternoon she naps in the pram for about 45mins again but won't if we're at home. I'm hoping that weening her off onto solids and bottles will consolidate her naps a bit. Also can't seem to put her down for long to do anything during the day, my Bjorn has been a lifesaver in that regard. I'm also really good at doing all sorts of things with one hand! I hate to think what's going to happen when I have to go back to work in January, luckily we're both nurses on 12hr shifts so can work our roster so we never need daycare because she won't tolerate anyone else for more than 5mins before she loses it at them. Oh the fun!!!
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