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My 10 week old ds is currently wearing the love to dream swaddles of a night but I am trying to do some research for when I am ready to transition him, dd was in sleeping bags from 4 weeks of age as she hated being wrapped but we used the cheap ones without tog ratings from best and less and target, however it gets pretty cold in our house in winter and ds kicks his blankets off even when wrapped anyone got any advice on specific sleeping bags such as the love to dream ones, gro bags or the ones from target etc?
We had a merino gogo bag and a winter tog gro bag. Both were great. Easily got two kids out of them, and the gro bag was second hand.
So if a gro bag is an option for you that's my recommendation.
I had gro bags too - one 2.5 tog & a 1 tog bag, they were great, had no problems with them. I actually got mine second hand off ebay & will use them for my next baby too, even if it's a girl (the ones I have have got "boy" decorations on them).
I used the Gro bags for my twins and they were great, had the 0.5, 1 and 2.5 tog for them, some were second hand as it gets a bit expensive buying enough for two and with one being a chucky baby I needed to have backups but they really lasted. I found the 0-6 months lasted till they were over 1 and then we went to the next size. But they were great, and I only used them and was able to just adjust their clothing to make them warm/cool enough.
I've tried quite a few and my favourite brand is Plum
Thanks ladies will def look closer at the gro bags, I was leaning towards the inventa bags (love to dream) as you can extend the length and my boy is already in size 000 at 2 months lol but will see what our local baby shop has in gro bags as I know she has a fair few smile
The Dream Bag is a brand I use for my boys. The sleeping bags are a bit longer and can be adjusted to 'grow' with your little one. They are really good quality and not as expensive as some other brands out there. I have also used Plum for their really light muslin ones in summer. smile
Ergo pouch make a swaddle that has poppers at the top to convert to a sleeping bag sleep store sell them or Elephant Alley can order them in

I brought the Inventa ones and they are great!!! Can unzip the mesh bits on the front and back when its slightly warmer but are still 2.5 tog for the cold. They were WAY cheaper then most of the other bags too through The Sleep Store online. ?
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