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7 month old is still a restless sleeper! Lock Rss

Help me please! I feel like a zombie haha.

I have a gorgeous 7 month old who still wakes up to 7 times a night :/
Between that and my toddler transitioning to a big bed, I'm not getting much sleep at all!
He is still breastfed but we have just began mix feeding in the hopes it will fill him up more and for convenience while out and about.
He is also medicated for reflux with a losec syrup. His mattress is also elevated at one end to prevent further acid reflux in bed.
He generally sleeps in a 'love to dream snuggle suit' so he's definitely not cold in that.

During the day he's also very restless, he naps for EXACTLY 40mins every single time. He wakes and is usually still tired and won't resettle until I boob feed him again!
I think this is exactly what he's doing at night time too.
He has slept for 7hrs straight before so I know he can do it!
He's teething so I gave him a full dose of nurofen before bed last night and it didn't make any change to his sleep.
I'm out of options!

Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated!!

OMG! your LO wakes 7 times a night. You must be a Superwoman to still keep functioning. I thought i had it bad when DD was up 3-4 times. Oh the sleep deprivation sad
Has sleep gotten any better?
Have you looked into sleep training or sleep schools? I finally couldn't take it any more and went with DD 2 to Tressilian when she was 10 months old. She was in a feed to sleep habit. Basically they teach you a feed, play, sleep, routine to follow and setlling techniques to use so bubs learn how to self soothe so they can put themselves to sleep and resettle. The website has some good tips and age appropriate routines.
Hello, my 17 month old was exactly like this but unfortunately I don't have much great advice on what to do to change it as he has only now started to only wake 2 or 3x a night and sleep for more like 1.5 hours at a time during the day!

I just some how (albeit in a foggy haze) got through 16 months of him waking 7x night!

I did go to a sleep clinic and tried all they told me to do but I was never good at sticking to the play, sleep, eat routine as I also have a 4 year old who still wakes at night (he was never as bad as DS2 though! ).

I was having to feed DS2 back to sleep about 5 out of the 7 times and he just never transitioned into that deep sleep
He also had reflux so I think because of that his sleeping was ruined from birth. I should have known how bad he was going to be as my first night in hospital with him, my husband was up with him for 4 hours!

DS 1 slept for 9 hours on first night!

I'm not a believer in letting them cry to sleep even for 5 mins so I just had to wait it out and keep telling myself "it will get better" smile

I still feed 1x over night but the other 1 or 2x he wakes I put the dummy in or pat him.

I have him in our room in a porta cot still as I couldn't stand traipsing down the other end of the house 7x night to resettle.

I think he def sleeps longer and better for his day sleeps on a little fold out couch in the lounge room. The tv is good background noise and sometimes he will wake, look and see me and resettle himself.

I know I haven't had much advice on how to change your situation but wanted you to I understand what you are going through and know it will, and does get better smile
Hang in there! Xx
Hi Ladies,

I saw your post's and thought I'd share!

I am a qualified sleep consultant and since having my own children I have specialised in infant sleep training and has helped countless exhausted parents in getting their children into the correct sleeping routine.

My approach and techniques are all gentle and I don't believe in controlled crying. If you are still looking for a bit of assistance in this area, I'd be more than happy to have a chat.

FYI - I post sleep tips on my FB page daily... smile


E: [email protected]
Thanks for your reply @savemysleep.

Our son is now 10months old and while still waking 3-6 times a night for a boob feed things are definately improving!
He now puts himself to sleep, I don't have to rock or feed him to sleep, he also has cut down to two naps a day but it's usually an hour to an hour and a half now smile

My current dilemma is weaning from night time feeds. Hubby is reluctant to get up and rock or soothe him back to sleep instead of me going in and giving him a quick feed, he can't get back to sleep himself after getting up out of bed which is why I still feed him every time he wakes.
I just posted another post yesterday in regards to this and also our 2.5yr old who is waking at 4-5am after the end of daylight savings :/

I've just liked your Facebook so hopefully I can pick up some tips there!
Thanks again!

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