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3 1/2 month old - when is bedtime? Lock Rss

Hi just wondering what time I should be putting my 3 1/2 month to bed at night? She usually wakes from her afternoon nap around 4/5pm so I have been putting her back to bed when she displays tired signs again at 6/7pm for a short 30-40 main nap but lately she has been protesting! I'm thinking if she misses that tea nap and I put to bed for the night at the same time she will be up before midnight for a breastfeed as she is only sleeping around 4-5 hours at any one time during the night. Help please!

Generally what happens during the day (in terms of sleeping and feeding) will dictate what happens at night. I would say waking from a short late afternoon nap around 5pm is pretty good and have back in bed by 7pm. And to wake for a feed again around midnight would be pretty normal to then start the day again around 7am, sometimes they might wake for another feed again around 6am, depends if you want to start the day then or treat that as a night feed and start the day closer to 7.30am.
For a baby that age I'd aim for between 4-5 hours sleep between 7am-7pm (guesstimating daytime hours)

If sleeping 4-5 hours a night and only waking for a quick feed then back to bed I'd say that's pretty good going anyway smile
My boy is 4 months old, but his bedtime hasn't really changed since he was 6 weeks old.
He goes down for the night some time between 7.30 & 8.30pm. Any earlier & he'll be up at 3.30am for a dream feed, any later & I'm having to wake him up at 7am so we can be out the door for school/day care/work at 7.40am.
I've never forced him to go to bed at any particular time, he's my 3rd child so I was bit more relaxed & let him set his own routine, which has worked for us so far.
Have you tried skipping the tea nap & putting her down for the night around 7.30-8pm? She's getting a bit older now so could probably handle staying up a bit longer in the evening before going down for the night.
So last night she went to bed at 8.30 and woke at 2.45am for feed, yes kirsty -72 I'm thinking she might now be able to skip tea time napand stay up a little longer until bedtime like last night, thanks for your help !

Glad you had a good night smile
I think I jinxed myself lol! Yesterday she woke from avo nap at 3.15 but yet again refused a tea nap around 5/6pm (maybe I'm not picking her signs correctly?) So early bath then feed (which was bugger all cause she fell asleep) and into bed asleep at 7.50pm! She woke at 11pm for feed and again at 2.30 argh why is she not doing her 6-7 hours like she has been doing for ages?! Tired today .....

I've heard there can be a sleep regression when bubs are around 4 months old - maybe she is getting in early?
My boy was sleeping 9-11 hours through the night, but for the past week of so, he has been waking for a feed some time around 3 or 4am (still sleeping 7-8 hours so can't complain too much). I feed him for about 20 minutes then pop him back into bed without changing his nappy or unwrapping his swaddle.

How long is your baby girl staying up each time?
Kirsty -72my baby is feeding for 15-20 mins with quick nappy change then straight bk to bed. We've had a horrible day today, she's protested at both her day naps crying for over an hour while I tried to settle with feeding, cuddles, play but nothing worked until she fell asleep (3 hours after getting up!). This avo she's surprised me again as she's gone to sleep unswaddled (gets swaddled always) but has been adiment on getting one hand free so might be time to wean off this too, argh talk about confusing lol!

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