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9 month old still waking up to 8 times a night! Lock Rss

I need some advice mums and dads!

We have a 2.5yr old and a 9 month old.
Our 2.5yr old used to be a perfect sleeper, up until about two months ago. He'd go to sleep approx 7.30-8.30pm and sleep through until 6.30-7.30am.
One nap during the day of up to 2hrs.

Now that daylight savings has ended and he is in a big boy bed and can get himself up when he likes, he's coming into our bed at 4am onwards... Sometimes he'll go back to sleep, Other times he'll be hypo, jumping around, kicking us in the face/body, squealing and laughing.
Hubby and I are not getting a good night sleep and waking up like that every single morning is becoming tiresome and it puts hubby in an incredibly bad mood first thing in the morning.
I'm also up anywhere between 3-8times a night to breastfeed our 9 month old. And by about 3-4am I am so exhausted I just bring him into our bed so I can go back to sleep while he feeds. I've tried putting him back in his bed after this time, and he'll sleep for maybe 20-40mins and he's awake again.
Hubby says to just leave him in his cot to cry when this happens in the morning. What do I do?!

I've tried cutting out and cutting down on our eldest's daytime nap, if he doesn't have one he's a demon child. And if we wake him he's usually grumpy all arvo.
How can I get him to understand to stay in his own bed until the sun comes up?!
Does anyone know why he could be doing this? It's completely pitch black dark when he wakes up.

Is hubby right? Should I just leave our 9 month old to try and self soothe in that 3-4am timeframe?
He goes to bed currently at about 6.30-7.30pm, I'd like to try and push it closer 7.30-8.30pm but am struggling with the daylight savings change.
He naps three times a day, usually for about 40min-1hr each time.
He also puts himself to sleep, sometimes he'll feed to sleep but majority he's put down in his bed awake.
How can I help him to sleep through the night? He only usually feeds for maybe three mins and he's asleep again, I've tried rocking him or shushing him back to sleep but he wants the boobie. I've also tried formula before bed to get a longer stretch out of him, but the only way that helps is if he's had formula most of the daytime too.
Please help! It's really starting to take its toll on me physically from exhaustion and hubby and i's relationship cos we're arguing over it before we even get out of bed! It doesn't set the mood for a good day ahead!

For you older son I'd suggest investing in a GroClock. Best money I ever spent, have a google.

It works like a charm. My son stays in his room till the yellow sun face comes up on the clock at 7am. You must enforce it at first though. The first couple of mornings my son got up and I'd say did the sun come up? If not, then back to bed and stay in your room. Even if it was 5 mins away from the sun face coming up I still took him back to his room. Has worked ever since! I initially set the time to 6.00am so it wasn't too challenging for him as he had been waking up at 5.30am. Then just pushed it out to 7am.

Could try verbal reassurance for your 9 month old?

For your younger son I'd suggest trying a formula bottle as his last feed before bed at night. I've had to do this with my first two at the age of 9 months and 7 months. They are at an age where you know they should be able to sleep through. the formula did the trick for me, they started sleeping through the night (most nights) right away. It just seemed to fill them up more and last longer. Continued to breast feed during the day for a while longer.

I saw your post and thought I'd share!

I am a qualified sleep consultant and since having my own children I have specialised in baby & toddler sleep training and have helped countless exhausted parents in getting their children into the correct sleeping routine.

My approach and techniques are all gentle and I don't believe in controlled crying. If you are still looking for a bit of assistance in this area, I'd be more than happy to have a chat.

I recently posted a link on my FB page about toddlers going into their parents room and tips on how to deal with it.. Hope this helps smile


E: [email protected]
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