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Screaming through the night Lock Rss

Hi all, my 8 month old has recently started screaming her head off randomly during the night in her cot, as soon as I lay her next to me she sleeps right through. however when she stays at my parents in the weekends she sleeps right through and in her portacot too which is situated next to their bed. Some people say its because she must be afraid of the dark but I have a night light for her and I moved her cot really close to the bed. Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening? or has anyone been through the same thing?
I wish I knew! my 10 month old has started doing the same thing. For the time being I'm putting it down to teething which means lots of cuddles for him and little sleep for me. Hope I figure this thing out soon cause I'm knackered.
Night terrors? My daughter is 2 and started doing it at around the 12 months. She still does sometimes but now but I noticed her eyes are usually closed so I just cuddle her until she settles down.

It could just be if she knows your nearby and she screams you'll lay down with her. If she sleeps well next to you or if she's at your parents house it means she can sleep well. Who wouldn't want to sleep next to their favourite person in the whole world!
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