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what to wear and heating Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Having lots of trouble with sleep could be teething and reflux but want to rule out cold and hot. We are in Sydney..what's everyone dressing baby in for bed at night and if heating to what temp. TIA we dont use grobags as he dosent like.
I'm having the same issue! Winter has just jumped on us! At the moment my girl is just in her singlet/wondersuit & love to dream suit (at first she didn't like it at all but now it's the only thing she will sleep in) with a normal blanket & wool blanket on top. However, she's waking a lot a night which she never used to do so I'm questioning whether she's cold. When I put her back to bed after her feed or early hours of the morning I put the heater on for a little while at 22 degrees but it's ducted air con so the whole of upstairs has to be on just for our room which is a big pain on the electricity. I'm thinking about putting a hot water bottle in her bed to warm up before she gets in. How old is your son?
Hi kelly

My son is 7 months and I have a 4 yr old daughter as well. Are you in Sydney?

My son has never been a good sleeper I'm blaming that on silent reflux and early teether!
have you tried the micro fleece onesies ( like a grow bag but with legs). Got most of mine from Best and Less.
With my first born I was introduced to them as blanket pJs as they can be put on over pjs just before bed and if they lose they blanket over night they are still covered.
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