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5 month old won't sleep longer then 3 hours! Lock Rss

Hi I have a 5 month old and she has never really slept longer then 3 hours in the night! She is breastfed and normally sleeps in her cot. Sometimes it's even two hours! Each time I pat her try the dummy burp her and lastly offer breast. I feel sometimes I don't leave her long enough to resettle as I am so tired and also don't want to wake my husband! I feel I have created a sleep problem myself and not sure how to fix it! In the day she is amazing goes 3-4 hours between feeds and has 1 hour nap in the morning 1 1/2 at lunch time then maybe 1hour in the arvo. And sometimes half an hour in the early evening, I feel she is so figety in her sleep. She rubs her eyes so much so it hurts her and she cries! The health nurse said she does this when she is tired as they aren't red at all . Is anyone else's baby like this?
My son went through this about the same age. It turned out that although he was tired, he was in fact hungry. So we introduced solids twice a day (lunch and early dinner) and he went on to sleep through the night after that.
I did that two weeks ago and had two nights of only waking once then back to every 2-3 hours. Maybe just a small tummy!!!
You could try your husband trying to resettle. When you go in your baby can smell your milk and knows that is what you will offer. If you husband tries to resettle she won't be able to smell your milk and may resettle for him. It sounds like it has become a habit and you need to break the cycle. It can be hard if you can get thru they say three night it should improve.

Oh my god this sounds like me and my 5 1/2 month old!! She's waking every 2-3 hours at night and I too prob rush to feed her not wanting to wake hubby and its just quicker to do that than struggle with other settling techniques! I think my breast milk isn't cutting the mustard either so I've been trying to introduce formula at night before bed and last night she drunk 120mls and slept 5 1/2 hours first stretch yahoo! But tonight she refused the bottle so I'm thinking I'm back to square one and will be up numerous times again! I feel your pain, I hope it doesn't last for too much longer cause I'm getting exhausted! Sorry no help really but at least u know there are others in the same boat smile

It does make me feel better that I'm not the only one I also have tried formula but only takes it sometimes. Hopefully just a phase and things get better ????
I've definitely been there. At 5 months my son was waking up every couple of hours. Looking back I definitely created a feed/sleep association and needed to break the cycle. That said in the middle of the night it's always easier just to feed them so everyone can get more sleep.

I think for some its a phase and they learn to fall asleep themselves however not all babies do. I kept feeding my baby at night and now I've got a toddler who can't sleep without being breastfed so still getting woken up 5-6x every night. We've had months of being woken up every 45 mins all night so we've had some improvement.

Definitely feel your pain as I know how hard it is to let them cry and not feed them when you're tired and just want to go back to sleep. Sorry also not really helpful. Hopefully for you its a phase but if it goes on for another month or so I'd definitely look at other options (sending hubby in!)
Thank u it's kind of nice to know I'm not the only one! At the moment turns out she is teething and also just got her first cold so poor lil monkey is not a happy baby! Hopefully onve better I can refocus and work on her sleeping longer!
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