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Staying dry through the night Lock Rss

Any tips on staying dry overnight? My bub has been wetting through everything (singlet, suit and sleeping bag) each night which means a major sleep disruption as we strip and change him. Any hints and tips? And yes I use Huggies!
Could try double napping him, usual nappy with the wings cut off used as an absorbent liner... With a bigger nappy over top smile
You could try changing him before his feed, assuming he is still feeding, and then the feed should resettle him after.
I was having this issue with my DS who is 15 months old. He's in Huggies toddler nappies which are fine during the day but he was waking up soaked in the morning. He's a tummy sleeper and they were overflowing up the front. I've started using walker size at night and no more issues as they're longer.

When my son did this I went up to the next nappy size for night time and that did the trick.

Yep I agree... definitely try going up a size as that usually resolves the leaking at night. In fact I don't even look at the weights/age recommendation on the pack, just when my son starts leaking through I know its time to go up a size.
Check his nappy is not too big for his little legs.
Huggies do a bed matt to soak up the overflow before it gets to you cot.
He might not be wearing the right size for him.
I found that you have to run your fingers through the inside of the nappies to move the elastic legs to make them work.
As there is two layers it doesn't hurt to just spread them open a bit before putting them on an getting a good seal.
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