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7 month old waking every 3 hours at night! Lock Rss

Help me please!! My almost 7 month old baby girl goes down to bed at night around 7-8pm. 3 hours to the minute i can guarantee that she will wake up! To this day i have always just got her up and breastfed her and put her back to bed where she quickly self settles to sleep again......only to wake another 3 hours to demand the same thing! I would have thought by now at 7 months her first sleep cycle would be much longer than 3 hours or am i placing too higher expectations on her? i have tried to let her self settle without offering her the breast but 2 hours later she was still awake (and mad at me!) so i fed her. I feel like im not getting any decent stretch of sleep or rest either because if i go to bed earlier than 10pmish im asleep for 1-2 hours before she wakes or im staying up until she does wake and not going to bed until after 11pm! im getting so tired and over it! what strategies have others used? she is on 3 solid feeds a day and breastfed and will NOT take a bottle argh!! Help me please x

I have a 1 month old and can sympathise with you, he wakes about every 3-4 hours for feeds, but then again he's still really a newborn so he's supposed to wake that often! I don't really have any advice on a 7 month old as I don't have 1! Just wanted to let you know your not alone, I'm so drained from getting up n down, I never get a good stretch of sleep either, I'm just hanging on to the hope he starts sleeping through the night at about 6 months! One can only hope right?!
It's all worth it though isn't it? smile good luck with your daughter, maybe you could try a sleep n settle course? I'm sure your early childcare nurse could give you info on one.

While every baby is different, this sounds completely normal. Just know that you are doing the best thing for your baby by getting up and feeding her. Sometimes the reason for why they wake can be so much more than just wanting a "feed" She may want to be close to you and be comforted. Depending on how you feel about it, maybe you could try co-sleeping? Wrapping her? Pacifier? We have two boys 3.5yrs and 3 months. We did the above and both of them either only wake once or sleep through. smile Hang in there.

My bub was exactly the same at that age. He's still a bad sleeper so can't really give much advice but one thing that might help with your difficulty getting woken up so soon after falling asleep is to do a dream feed right before you go to sleep which should help you get at least 3 hours before they wake again. Also I'd recommend sending your partner to do at least one settle during the night so they get used to falling asleep without milk. I never did that and 1.5 years later my son still wants milk at night. However I know how hard it is not to just feed them when everyone just wants to go to sleep.

Good luck
I had this problem with my two oldest. If your willing try a formula feed for their last feed before bed. I did this and lo and behold they literally went from waking every few fours to sleeping (almost) through the night. Turned out I didn't quite produce enough milk to keep them full for long enough.
She won't take a bottle either cause I've been thinking if she has formula before bed she might sleep longer but she's determined not to take it grrr lol! I just keep crossing my fingers that sooner rather than later she will sleep longer!

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