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Worried about when baby starts to roll over onto stomach in bed. Lock Rss

Hey ladies, how did y'all go with the rolling over onto belly stage for the first time with your baby? My boy is just nearing that stage (3 months) and I'm freaking out a little to be honest. He can hold his head up during tummy time but its only short lived at the moment, he gets tired n cranky if I leave him on his tummy for more than five minutes. He also turns his head to either side when sleeping on his back so I'm hoping he will do this when he sleeps on his belly too? It's very worrying at this young stage, I'm so afraid of SIDS and just want my boy to be safe while he sleeps. How did other mums go with this rolling over stage? And once he can roll onto his tummy from his back will he move his head to either side? And did anyone else freak out about this or am I being overly paranoid?

You're not alone I was fairly paranoid about that too. I used a safe t sleep to keep him on his back. He lay with his head to the side so he didn't get a flat head fortunately.

If they are strong enough to lift their head while on their tummy then they will instinctively put it to the side if they are sleeping on their tummy. Highly unlikely they will face plant and sleep like that lol. Easy to say that but hard not to worry I know!

Thanks Pixie Chick, yeah it's very worrying! I'm dreading the night I wake to find him on his belly! I think I will get freaked out! But he's still swaddled during the night at the moment, and I'm worried he could roll while in the swaddle and not be able to get his arms out :/ but I'm trying to wean him off the swaddle now, it just doesn't seem to work, he doesn't sleep, so I give in and wrap him back up! :/ I'm at a bit of a loss here n don't really know what to do, maybe I need to just throw the swaddle away and he will eventually get used to sleeping with his arms out? If he can do that, I'll sleep easier knowing he can use his arms to prop his head up if he does roll onto his belly. I might have to look into buying a safety sleep too. Might be worth the peace of mind! What age did u stop using the safety sleep can I ask?

My son sleeps on his stomach. We've never had a problem with it. He's been sleeping on his stomach since he was 2 weeks old and he's 17 weeks today.
Yeah I know some babies do, but there is a high risk of SIDS with young babies sleeping on thier tummies.
It just freaks me out.

tucking them in on their back in their cot with the sheet firmly - not tight bt firm, should help hold baby in place.

check on baby once they fallen asleep and if has rolled over then turn back on back. my son could only fall asleep on tummy curled up with knees under him when he was about 18 months old onwards. i used to gently roll him to his side.
Can be a worry but you should start to notice him trying to roll when he is awake before it possibly happen in their cot, my boy didn't roll until he was 7 months old and was a good month of stretching and trying before he got there. If He he can't hold his head up for too long then rolling won't happen for a little while.
The issue I had too worry about WELL before his rolling was him pushing himself up to the top end of the cot and hitting his head and kicking his blankets, which mean't he would not not fall asleep or wake up in the night and cry.
I started using the safe - t sleep now which is a good investment as stops them rolling, kicking of the blankets (still tuck him in tight) , and pushing up to the top end the bed.
Also a big plus is you can take when you are on holiday or away and using a porta-cot or use can also use it on a single bed. I could not live without it.
I used a motion/sensor monitor such as angel care or baby sense II... gave me peace of mind. I had early rollers who both were determined to be tummy sleepers.

Thanks for your replies everyone. I've bought him a safety sleep wrap so I'm keen for it to arrive and try it out. The motion sensor sounds like a good idea too. Anything for peace of mind!

They say as long as they can hold the head up and move it side to side they will be fine because they will move if they can't breathe.
Once baby reaches 6 months risk of SIDS dramatically reduces. Once they start rolling both ways they will sleep in all sorts of positions! Little on has chosen to sleep on her tummy from round a year old.
I know they sleep in all positions after they start rolling, I'm just nervous about it coz my boy (3 & a half months) has only ever slept on his back in his swaddle. He is getting to the age where I need to get him out of the swaddle but I've tried letting him have his arms out and he just won't sleep. He just moves them about and knocks the dummy out of his mouth. I'm finding it very hard to transition him out of his swaddle as he really loves it, must be comforting for him, so I've bought a safe-T sleep wrap for him and am just waiting for it in the mail, wish it would hurry up so I can start using it! It will keep him on his back (hopefully) and you can continue to swaddle past the 4 month mark safely in the safe-T sleep wrap. I'm just hoping he grows out of the whole swaddling thing eventually. Not having much luck lately. I'm sure he will at some stage. Might just be a little young yet. He is only 3& a half months.
Thanks for all your replies ladies. smile

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